Adele Blows My Mind. So Does Her Apartment.

I have loved Adele for a while- but her new song “Someone Like You” absolutely KILLED me. It’s like getting punched in the soul. Who hasn’t had the thought of running into someone who broke your heart in the future and seeing they’ve moved on? OY. Not to mention this video (at bottom) was shot in her home and her taste so mimics her soulful, romantic voice. I love all the bookcase detail shots!

J’adore this bed!


  1. I heard an interview with her yesterday on NPR and she said she hates listening to her music- hates the sound of her own voice and wouldn’t listen to her music if she was on the other side of the speakers. Funny, huh? Anyway I love her voice and I love her speaking voice, too. Her accent is adorable.

  2. AMAZING! I’ve heard her sing only once – I know, I’m way behind – and I forgot how truly soul-stirring her vocals are. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video…

  3. I am very much looking forward to the release of her sophomore album, 21. The emotion that she injects into her singing along with her beautiful voice is unmatched by most, if not all, artists out today. Her apartment is also stunning.

  4. There is one clip of a wooden horse puppet in the video… I have the same one! It’s a family heirloom, and is so sweet but mostly just collects dust in my house… Going to go find it right now!

  5. Stunning. You are completely right, it just *gets* you right in that little place of sadness for loves lost…so amazing. Her voice and the emotion she pours into it just makes it for me. And I’m completely in love with that bed…

  6. Lovely voice she’s got..a great gift….n some good taste too..looking at her home!! I have a thing for upholstered beds..n tufting just kills me!! Love the dog sculpture…n the photo as well….thanks for sharing, Erin!

  7. Did you see her sing at the Brits the other night? Absolutely fabulous. I watched it live and it was by far my favourite performance.
    Going to listen to the video. Still love the song.

  8. She was just on the Today show. I had never heard of her and have already downloaded an album this morning! This song I hadn’t heard. Amazing!

  9. first had goosebumps, then tears by the end- she has a beautiful voice, and seems to have so much depth as a person. amazing! addicted!

  10. What a beautiful song – I would love to have some avenue to throw out all those crazy feelings on to. She really knows how to touch something deep down in people – everyone has at least one love that haunts them in some way – this makes you feel so connected.

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