Fashion Friday: Swedish Chill

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s cold here. Like, really cold.  And when it’s this cold it’s sometimes hard to wear anything but a decidedly un-sexy puffy coat and snow boots (although I get more compliments on my snow boots than on any other pair of shoes I own).  So I went in search of some cold weather inspiration where they KNOW how to dress for the cold- Sweden. Check out these yummy outfits that look cute and are toasty warm from Scandinavian street style blogs StockholmStreetStyle and Copenhagen Street Style.

I adore this whole look. Uggs can be cute, see?

This jacket fits so ridiculously well- i want it!

This cape is MAGNIFICENT- the color, the drape, the pairing with high waisted jeans!

Furry boots + sheer stockings=sexy

I have a fur shrug JUST like this from my grandmother that I never wear unless I’m channeling Margot Tenenbaum inside my own house . Now I might.


I just love all things furry (including animals, so yes, I prefer faux fur)

Cuteness is a belted sweater with shorts and tights!

More furriness.

That is the motherload of clutches.

Guess what? MORE furriness! Hey, it’s warm.

I mean, really. Does it get cooler or cuter than this? I really wish I could do my hair like that.

So lovely.

I personally am in search of a black Mongolian lamb vest after seeing it on two very chic women last week and this lovely lady on The Sartorialist.

Some Scandinavian inspired picks for the cold temps (because I am still HATING on the retailers for putting out pink chiffon while we are buried in dirty snow piles. It’s like a slap in the face (and a really bad idea if you want to turn a profit in February in New England)

Ski Lift Secrets Poncho
$59 –
Bohemian tops »

Fur the Thrill of It Vest
$45 –
Fur vests »

Dolce Vita Tatum
$160 –
Ankle high heels »


  1. Thanks for sharing all these fabulous looks! It is hard to look cute when it is so damn cold out! I have a similar brown fur stole from grandmother too and I never wear it because I feel silly, but I just might now. I loved every page of HIgh Gloss magazine. Amazing job. I think I bookmarked like every interiors shot for my inspiration file. and the pink and black apartment you designed was by far my favorite! I wish you lived down South and could help me with my house. Have a great weekend, Erin!

  2. I love furry things too! Thanks for all the great ideas.

    As for wearing grandmother’s fur, I have a mink chubby that I bought at a great vintage store in Minneapolis. I agree it can feel a bit too-too sometimes. So I like to employ a bit of irony and cheek. Last time, I wore it over ripped jeans, layered long tshirts and a pair of funky Marni heels. I was paid the compliment by a restaurateur friend that evening that I was only the second person he’d ever seen pull off fur with jeans. Go figure!

  3. Those Swedes are a chic bunch, no? (c: Almost make me like the cold…no wait, still hate it. Pretty much the best part of cold weather is getting to wear boots. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Love these looks, as a New Yorker, I definitely find it challenging to keep the look fresh and cute in the winter. I think those furry boots in the 4th pic are actually furry legwarmers if you look closely and I’m obsessed! Thanks for sharing and stay warm!

  5. Love this post too! I’m dying to go to Sweden now! And I quickly got onto Zappos and bought that leopard print clutch for my trip to NYC next week. They said it was the last one, so thanks for the suggestion! Can you please add personal styling to your repertoire? I’d be such a loyal client! :))

  6. I Love tasteful faux fur, but I wonder, how long during the winter season is it appropriate to wear fur? late November-end of February or longer? I’d love to wear a black vest to an event I have but am unsure if it would be out of season now. I’d really appreciate your advice. :) Thanks!

  7. You’re blog is seriously amazing. I’m living in the winter depths of ‘out west’, and although I love the snow, I gotta say you are right on about the spring wardrobes! What’s up with that, we need transition time! Your blog is inspiring! Thanks for sharing your gift.

  8. hi in regard to your comment on retailers, (from someone that works in apparel) the spring collections are purchased in september and ship the following jan/feb, and most wholesalers do not allow cancellations after order. it’s hard to predict the weather :)

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