Feast of Fancy!

Check out this jewelry spread I styled for New Brahmin– love how it came out.  And trust me, it was a hilarious scene shooting it in which I was high on insane amounts of candy and covered in jewels dancing around my apartment. Days like that I think “is this really my job???” :) A sneak peek below- click HERE to see the whole shebang!

Those awesome terrariums are by Lynzariums– jewels via M.Flynn, E.B. Horn and Tiffany & Co.


  1. Undeniably GORGEOUS! The stunning pinks blended with that brilliant blue…fantastic! Where oh WHERE is that table cloth from? I want a dress made from it!

  2. LOVE it all. looks sweet without being too sugary. just the perfect amount of true girlyness. do tell where tablecloth is from. i know i have spied it elsewhere, maybe One Kings Lane? killing me that i can’t put my finger on it.

  3. You do have a ridiculously amazing job! I love the bright colors and vibe of the shoot…absolutely gorgeous! Have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully it involves more candy and dancing around in jewels…(c:

  4. PLEASE tell who makes that tablecloth–it’s perfect! (Then I’ll just need several dozen jewels to finish decorating my table.)

    It would make great throw pillows, too…

  5. Seriously, my mouth just watered… You are so incredibly creative! You’re such an inspiration on a personal and professional level! :)

  6. LOVE all the details. Would love the jewelry, but the tablecloth is more likely to happen. Where can I find it?

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