Hot Stuff.

I am totally feeling hot pink right now- especially today! Could there be a happier color more full of energy? Watch for it spring 2011!

1. shoes 2. vase  3.wallet 4.bracelet 5.blazer 6.Essie Pink nail polish  7.blanket 8.pouf 9. clearly I can’t count  10. desk 11.pillow

I had done this collection a few days ago and then Gwynnie went and supported my hot pink trend by rocking earrings and nail polish in the color last night at the Grammy’s ( and looked amazing, I might add)! Holler.


  1. Loving the cap toe trend right now — those pink ones are amazing!

    PS: do you get the lily pulitzer catalog? they had a huge full page that says “high gloss” — made me think of you and the high gloss girls!

  2. Pink just always makes my day…and your hilarious comment on your sources list…(c; Don’t worry, I can’t even *walk* properly most of the time!

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