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This weekend I picked up a new hobby. Needle pointing.  I was in my favorite local home store, Hudson, the other day and saw these GENIUS iPhone cover kits by AMH Design there. I squealed with delight at the cuteness and picked one up even though I have a Blackberry (it still fits, although a bit snug) and I have never needlepointed in my life.  Once I started I could not stop.  It’s so domesticated of me, no? I spent many hours curled up on my couch with coffee or wine (depending on the time of day) stitching away totally amazed at the addictiveness and calming quality of the repetitive dance of the needle and thread!

Dog tags! Bxter and Ollie should prepare themselves.

Keychains for a quick starter project.

Sweet gift tags would make a fab statement on any package.


  1. Your phone case is adorable. I love anything with that stripe/initial motif. I used to needlepoint those 3-initial keychains popular in the 90s but haven’t done so since; you’re right about it being addicting. I’m excited to start again now that I know about these cute kits!

  2. Love those gift tags…they are the cutest things ever…i’ve never done needlepoint but i imagine it would be very calming…i might just get inspired by you , Erin!!

    PS- I did a room to runway post on one of the bcbg dresses that was also featured on your blog the other day!

  3. That really *is* so domesticated of you! I used to do a lot of needlepoint because my grandmother taught me…after seeing this stuff, I don’t know why I stopped!

  4. not sure I love the covers for the tech stuff, but I do heart the key chains. I’ll just add that craft to the to do list, already out of control!

  5. When you get bored with needlepointing, come over to the dark side…knitting! Soooo good for one’s psyche, and productive too (especially if you live in the north and can benefit from a wardrobe of hats and scarves).

  6. WHAT?! This is so fun. I was in Hudson to see their new spring stuff recently, but had my pup with me and didn’t poke around enough to see the needlepoint covers. I am so going back.

    My grandmother needlepointed the seats for all of her dining room chairs. I can only imagine how cool yours would look if you did that!

  7. Hooray for domesticated ladies! I am resisting the urge to learn needlepoint (and weaving, actually) because my knitting and spinning keep me plenty busy. It’s so calming, and it’s great to have something keeping my hands busy so I don’t snack all the time while watching movies!

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