Rug Envy

In our debut issue of High Gloss, there were two homes which featured fabulous, bright, slightly worn, flat weave rugs throughout many rooms (Tia Zoldan and Jaime Meares).  The second I saw these images my eyes zoomed in on those babies and thought “I need me some of THAT in my life”! Such a fabulous, cozy way to bring color and pattern into a room- especially the kitchen! Did you notice all the area rugs in the kitchens?

I emailed Jaime to see where she got hers and was DELIGHTED to hear eBay and Overstock! So off I went in search of some for my own home on eBay and look at the beauties I uncovered (click for links)!

I want.

I want also.

Too many wants!


  1. I did notice them and thought the same thing- especially the kitchen and bedroom ones- they are gorgeous- so classic and timeless, right? Not sure if I could pull off such a bold statement in my house- although i am in the search of a few rugs for various spaces!

  2. Erin, just clicked on the magazine (even though I have been reading about here for months now). It is the BEST magazine, paper or web, I have seen in a long time! Congratulations to you and the High Gloss group.

  3. I was first exposed to amazing rugs in a kitchen via my in-laws (they do design cool BEFORE it’s cool.) Before them, it never occurred to me to put (as you said) brilliant-but-worn, kilims or even persians in such a high-traffic area as the kitchen, but it works, and works beautifully!

  4. Erin, have you see the sophistikat rug from FLOR? That’s what I did in my dining room … similar feel ….

  5. I loved these to! Good to know where she found hers…I’ve been looking for one similar to go in my teeny tiny bathroom in lieu of a bath mat. Glad I can hunt for them on the cheap!

  6. My mom has a bunch of these type of rugs in her house and just yeserday I was thinking how I wanted to take all of them home with me. Her style is amazing. Great finds!!

  7. i have been looking on ebay for these rugs constantly since the magazine came out! jamie used to post a lot about ebay kilims & i’ve loved them ever since. they could wake up any room!

  8. The rugs are very beautiful. I would be very careful, however, about buying one online. It would be important to me to ensure that the rug was not made by child laborers, which is an unfortunate and tragic reality in the rug industry. It is possible to buy Persian, Turkish, etc rugs which are guaranteed to be hand-knotted by adults only. I believe the label to look for is “Rugmark” – then you know that your purchase has not contributed to a little kid’s misery. Sorry to be a bit of a downer, but this issue is very dear to my heart. I am also looking for a Persian rug, and have been for a long time. But I won’t buy one unless I know for sure who made it. Thank you for letting me share this information!

  9. I love your ideas, they are very beautiful. My only concern is that the rugs could slip in the kitchen without backing because they look so soft. You may need to add the extra layer underneath to prevent that from happening.

  10. Absolutely LOVED the rugs, especially the ones in the kitchen. Its a fabulous look and definitely makes the kitchen more warm and welcoming. The look couldn’t be more wonderful and inspired me to keep an eye out for a good rug for my own kitchen!

  11. Love all these rugs, but truth is, rugs in the kitchen are about as cool as carpet in the kitchen. Especially if you cook like you mean it, have an inside dog and/or kids. Maybe it’s my rural living realism surfacing.

  12. The patterns in art rugs look so good when with more plain walls but can match other items also. The rug in the lounge ties in so well with the art on the wall as they are both pink and purple in nature – very nice effect there.

  13. Beautiful! I love the scale of the coffee table in the living room, any one know what it’s source is or have you seen similar ones out there?

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