(Wo)Man’s Best Friend

To kick off your Monday I’m going to hook you up with some serious cuteness. I just discovered Fat Orange Cat Studio and I am in love. Photographer Li Ward takes pictures of your beloved pets in such an amazingly artistic way that you would want these babies framed and on the wall immediately amongst your other art.  Baxter and Oliver HAVE to have their portraits taken this spring when the leaves and grass are out!  They would by hysterical subjects since they are both such total hams.  I like to define them by the accents I think their inner monologues have-Oliver’s is the Matthew McConaghey voice from Dazed & Confused and Baxter has a really haughty British accent like Stewie Griffin. I am admittedly a “crazy dog lady”- I think of my dogs as my kids- so having portraits done does not seem odd at all. AT ALL. So stop mumbling “that Erin, she’s a wack job”. Just get ready to “awwwwwwww”….

This little guy is a Havanese like Baxter (and half of Ollie) and I want to snuggle his little FACE OFF!

I spy Shepard Fairey! If you have not seen Exit Through the Gift Shop– SEE IT! THis dog has clearly seen it and is in awe.

I want to feel like these guys.

And as a side note, Li is also a calligrapher and collaborated with letterpress designer Parrott Design Studio to create the Orange Parrott Collection! I adore the simplicity and handmade look of these wedding invitations and accessories!

Stay tuned this week dog lovers for a great little giveaway!!!!


  1. Awwwww indeed….I am not a dog lady( crazy or otherwise)..but this may make me have a rethink and give in to my daughter’s demands!! lovely post to kickstart start the week, Erin…see you on my blog someday!! xx meenal

  2. Oh my gosh! I know dog #7 (the little guy with the tennis ball) – his name is August West (Gus) and he’s a very nice little fellow!


  3. Oh my goodness! I have to schedule a photo shoot for my teacup yorkie. He’s such a little dog model that I can’t wait to see how he would pose for a professional photographer (i.e. not me). Thanks for the post Erin.!

  4. So cute! I love the boxer peeping through its parents.

    Her photography reminds me of Atlanta area pet photographer Leesia Teh.

  5. Awww for the millionth time! I can’t wait til the weather gets warmer so I can take portraits of my dogs. By the way, you’re not the only crazy dog lady. My bf and I go as far as to speak for our dogs. Our GPS-lab mix, Fudge, speaks with a speech impediment, haha. My dogs are kids, too. It’s okay!

  6. I don’t even own an animal, and I am all over these! Love the wild and crazy back relaxing pup and the girl in boots next her dog on the porch. Seriously fun portraits. Thanks.

  7. Those are seriously CUTE portraits. Helllloooo????!!!! What a concept. Anyone I know thinks of their dog like a child. Duh, winning. {Sorry….it’s like burned in there…ugh!}

  8. These are absolutely the most darling animal portraits *ever*! I never thought I would say that I would have portraits done of my furry friend…but these are making me change my mind (c:

  9. Those are the best pet photos I’ve ever seen! Not to be morbid, but my Charlie Bear is getting older and I’ve been thinking about having a portrait made so I’ll have it when I’m an old lady… sigh

  10. LOVE IT! I have Big Henry, weighing in at 140lbs. I rescued him from a parking lot where he was chained to a cart return when he weighed all of 7 lbs. Obviously, the boy grew a bit. But he is sweetness personified (except when someone comes to the front door!) I have his picture on my phone, and I pull it out to show it more than I even show my grandchildren!! How bad is that! Fabulous pictues, Erin. …made my day!

  11. Love is a warm puppy hug! I love these photo’s! So sweet. I love my puppy Co Co even though she can be naughty with muddy feet, which doesn’t bode well for white rugs and cream carpeting. As my husband says, so much for a clean house!

  12. I’m in love. These are amazing, I’d love some super cute pics of my dachshund Milo looking this great. Every time I try to photograph him he turns or moves resulting in a blur. This has made me smile first thing – thank you

  13. This post makes me so happy. It’s my dream job to be a pet photographer one day. I’m THAT girl who touches and cuddles any animal that crosses my path – welcome or unwelcome by owners.

  14. These pics are ADORABLE!!! She does a fabulous job… does she travel? Possibly to GA? :)
    Would love to have pics taken of my Lucy!

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