An Easy (and Pretty) Way to Help

My studio mate Jennifer Hill is donating the profits from the sale of her Tokyo print from her Places I’ve Never Been series to Doctors Without Borders in an effort to help the citizens of Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. It’s such an easy way to help in which you also get a small work of art that will help keep those who were affected in our minds. Please buy!


  1. Amazing! I”ll post this on my blog ( tomorrow, with a link to your blog! I’ve been looking for gifts that give to benefit the relief efforts in Japan.

  2. That is such a noble gesture…It is heartwarming to see the response of the people worldwide to this horrible tragedy…I’ve put links on my blog to help people donate through some of the international agencies doing relief work in Japan…It is the power of prayer and assistance from the world which will help the people of Japan heal and rebuild their lives…xx meenal

  3. Thank you for posting this. It is a beautiful print and Japan needs every ounce of help they can get. I have to say that it is refreshing to see a blogger saying anything at all about this terrible disaster. I was saddened to see that none of the regular blogs that I follow have even addressed this horrific event. I hope that your posting will encourage other design, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers to dedicate a little time to acknowledging the weight of this tragedy and ways that they and their readers can help. ~Candice PS To the comment above mine…thank you Meenal for being a blogger who understands the importance of addressing this disaster.

  4. That is so gorgeous. I plan to donate directly to DWB, but I’m going to pick this up as well.

    My heart goes out to all affected by this tragedy.

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