Bookshelf Love.

Yesterday Andrew and I went to see a condo in our area.  In an odd twist of fate, it was a condo that we ALMOST bought four years ago.  In another twist of fate, a reader’s friend is selling it and sent it to me. Coincidence? A sign? Serendipity? Who knows. What I DO know, is that the new owner put in floor to ceiling bookshelves in the living room that made my knees buckle upon walking into the open house yesterday. Built ins in general are like the cherry on the sundae to an amazing home, but floor to ceiling bookshelves are the sprinkles, hot fudge, whipped cream, M&M’s AND peanut butter cups on that sundae. Add in a sliding library ladder and you’ve just sent me into a sugar coma. Boo-ya baby. Here is some bookshelf porn for you.

And here some of my favorite books that I will put on those shelves (click for links):


  1. Wow! You are not kidding. I think you’ve given me an idea for my living room, when I finally get rid of the monster TV and get a flat screen. I’m going to put it in the middle of a whole buncha bookshelves. Thanks for the book ideas, too.

  2. that’s the hotness! i want to have my bachelorette party at a bookstore so i can man-handle books allllll day long.

  3. Yummy Yum cakes! Hope the place works out.

    PS- Love Chelsea Handler. Laughed so much through her book I almost peed myself. And I’m in the midst of reading Eat Pray Love for a second time. Timing seemed perfect as it echos so much in my own life right now. (Minus all the great traveling, sigh.)

  4. In the process of doing bookshelves RIGHT NOW in our basement…trying to pick the right color…I am loving all the dark ones especially with the colorful book bindings to offset the color…Cather In the Rye…one of my fav books=).

  5. Love this post- that dark bedroom with booskleves is so cool and mysterious! I actually have built ins in our “bookroom”- but Im afraid they dont look nearly as fabulous as the ones posted here.

    Oh- and I just recently finished The Help- LOVE- I still think about it on a weekly basis- I felt so connected to the characters:)

  6. Thanks for the tingles….the bookshelf porn that is. I was at IKEA in Chicago yesterday and they have a living room/library display with 2 story black book shelvs…all with the billy bookcases. Ridiculousy cool! Hope the condo works out…sounds perfect. ~Jennifer

  7. OMG…there are some serious contenders for the best bookshelf ever…..I’m lucky to have a huge bookshelf in my den…it covers one whole wall( approx 14 feet) and goes 7 feet high to aligh with the door…it really makes the room!!! I love your collection of books( for your future library) and I’m adding them to my wish list too!!.thanks for the lovely post, Erin…I hope to see you on my blog someday!! xx meenal

  8. At my home growing up, my mother wanted to leave the back half of the basement unfinished since it was just going to be used for storage. So instead of a wall with a door, she installed a full wall bookcase with one portion of the wall that had a hidden hinge and swung open to the back area. Not only was it gorgeous, it made me and my siblings feel like we grew up in the Clue Mansion. Great post.

  9. Please move there so I can lust over your bookshelves and live my Belle fantasies vicariously through you.

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