Gilt Men Gone Wrong

My friend Frank sent me a link to the Gilt Mens Rick Owens sale and I don’t knwo what’s more flabbergasting- the Anakin Skywalker meets the Volturi meets Trenchcoat Mafia weirdness or the fact that most of this shiz is SOLD OUT (and I cannot even delve into the prices of this stuff).  Mr. Owens cuts a mean leather jacket, I will give him that, but this stuff is hysterical and I cannot believe Gilt is selling it! Can you imagine seeing someone wearing this on the street? I would be all “whhhaaaaaaaaaaatt?!?! Lady Gaga called and said you should stay outta her closet”

My little brother cracked me up with his comment:

“Ugh, the ankle length sweater is on sale now for $499? I feel like a sucker since I bought it for $2100!”

Sometimes, fashion BAFFLES me.

I wonder what these models are thinking…

Nothing is sexier on a man then a knee lenth fitted tee or asymmetrical one shouldered cape. Swoon.


  1. Last time I checked this was a fashion blog, written by someone who has opinions about fashion. To come to the site and be shocked that she is expressing an opinion on fashion (even though it differs from yours) does not make sense. And let me understand why she is not allowed to express a negative opinion of some specific items of a designer’s line? When movie critics write scathing reviews about movies, people are able to take it as what it is, a person’s opinion about the movie. They can then decide if they agree or disagree with the review and base their decision to see the movie on that. If you read this post and think Erin is wrong in her opinion, then by all means jump on the sale at Gilt. Taking it personally is bizarre. Acting out by leaving cruel comments is even worse.

  2. I’ve never submitted a comment on a blog posting before, but was totally shocked by the uproar that this cheeky little post has generated and had to chime in: I’m baffled by the fact that people take time to leave such nasty, boorish remarks on such a lovely, light-hearted bloglet. Last time I checked, reading a blog is a voluntary activity — I can’t imagine why you would elect to read something that upsets you so disproportionately and that elicits such gratuitous vitriol. Really strange / distressing. Please find better, more healthy ways to pass your time — why spoil everyone else’s fun?

    Erin, I love your blog! The nastiness of the above exchange has only made me a fiercer, more loyal reader!

  3. Dear TS Suckass & Will too, Get the hell off this blog, go back where you came from…. Land of gay floor length sweaters. By the way, my gay friends would not be caught dead in these get ups. Keep up with the opinions Erin, if I disagree I’ll click off the post, using my frist ammendment right. Suck my a$$ TS! ~JR

  4. This post cracked me up till I was in tears. Erin, thanks for the laugh and ignore the haters.

  5. These haters remind me how myopic and proposterous fashion in New York City is. Their cool is so fragile, because they are all so painfully insecure. It’s pathetic.

  6. Laughing out Louddd! I love Rick Owens jackets too, but you are right on target with your regretsy-like comments here Erin.! It serves as honest commentary on fashion, and should also serve as a reminder to fashion consumers and non-consumers alike that fashion should not be taken too seriously!

  7. LOL today of all days I certainly needed a good laugh. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with that. Looking forward to what you post about in the future!

  8. Just wait; In a couple of years time you’ll be wearing Rick rip-offs from H&M. Well, wait – you do already, but so far it’s been only the t-shirts and jackets…

    Oh, and that tiger sweater… Fuck that shit.

    Good luck

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