1. quite a few look-alikes there…what about quality…that would be my concern! do stop by my blog and answer a fun question today!! xx meenal

  2. Incredible! That’s an amazing Eames rocker bootleg – perfect for a nursery IF it rocks without falling apart. Agreeing with @meenal as to wondering about the quality though…

  3. Wow, that is pretty cute. Looks a lot like the Colette too! We don’t have any Kmarts nearby anymore and I bet shipping would really drive the price up!

  4. Whoa. Those look great. We got our Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture from there and it has lasted really well, but I’d still love to see some reviews from people who have used it for a while!

  5. omg Kmart is doing a knockoff of the Wassily chair?! And the ghost chair. Did not expect that at all.

  6. wow who would have ever thought walmart would have such great options for home decor. I guess they have revamped a lot of things since the bankruptcy

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