Left or Right?

I can tell you that I am clearly of the “paint splatter” side of the brain.  This Mercedes ad is genius (even though I’m a BMW girl)

Am not one bit mathematically inclined. Just ask any of my former math teachers who will probably recount my name with a shake of the head. I also was quite grossed out by fetal pig dissection in biology. I am rarely practical, orderly or rational. My purse is a mess, as is my closet. I think perhaps my left brain was removed in a lobotomy.

I AM, however, passionate, loud, vivid and total free-spirited mess of radiating enthusiasm or dark and twisty stuff.  I cannot sit still. I have to be online, reading a magazine and watching a TV show to “relax”. I FEEL everything, sometime too much. I often have paint under my fingernails. Perhaps I am more ADHD than right brained.

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  1. OMG- I love this! Thanks for sharing!! It’s weird because my company does personality assessments on everyone and mine came back completely right-brained and all of my co-workers were shocked to find that I’m “extremely creative”. I have them fooled into thinking that I’m analytical and strategic. Blah!!!!

  2. Such a cool ad. This is why I work in advertising.
    btw, your Stella & Dot giveaway inspired me to do the same. Check it out.

  3. wow…this is wonderful!!! my siter is a full blown left brain…a scientist to the core…and i think i started out a a left brain….but slowly the right side creft up and before i knew it…took total control of my life!!! If you don’t have an issue…i’d love to use it on my blog one day…with due credit to you ofcourse !! xx meenal

  4. I’m a righty, right out of the womb. Age 7, painted the lawnmower when my Mom was at work…. Age 38, painted metallic silver headboards for my girls beds….glad some things never change. Great Post Erin! Keep that right brain flowing!!!

  5. Actually I find this ad insulting. I am a scientist and thinking about ways to treat disease takes a fair bit of creativity. If people just did the same thing over and over again we would still be using leaches. Seems like they just alienated a good portion of their customers. Not that I would buy one, I’m also a BMW girl.

  6. Wow, I love that! I’m a total right brainer, too. It almost pains me to look at the “left brain” illustration because it’s so boring.

  7. Well, that makes two things left about me, left handed now left brained although I’m no scientist nor mathematician ;) I love the new BMW x5.

  8. lol, you make me laugh and i LOVE it.
    I am also right brained, clearly.
    okay, so when are we getting that drink??
    i can come to you…xoxo. J

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I originally saw this on Pinterest and fell in love! It is pure genius… do you think it was created by a left or right brained person?!

  10. Fab image…pity the whole left-brain/right-brain thing has no biological basis in fact.

    Still, anything that celebrates Pucci-esque colour and movement deserves to be embraced regardless of the brain boffins! This post really made me smile today. Thanks fab EofS chick!

  11. I think the overarching irony here is that I am much more right-brained then left; yet I make my living as a creative–allegedly using the right side of my brain. I think if my GCD saw my to-do lists, tabbed notebooks, alphabetized books and DVDs, color coded closet that I would be fired.

    However, I have been praised as one of the most organized AD’s my project managers and account teams have ever worked with.

    Who knows!

  12. This is so much better than all those personality tests which ask you convoluted questions, just to tell you what you knew and didnt particularly like anyway. Forget those – I am right brained! there
    Thanks for posting the great images

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