Lifestyle Lust: EmersonMade

When I got my most recent issue of Boston Magazine Home I was delighted to see Emerson and Ryan of EmersonMade on the cover at their deliriously adorable farmhouse in New Hampshire.  I’ve seen peeks inside their home before but I still loved this spread and figured that sicne a whole lot of you don’t live in New England I’d scan it in for you to see!

If I didn’t like them, I’d hate them. How perfect does their life look?

This kitchen kills me- the bead board and raw beam ceiling, wide plank floors and check out that industrial size fridge!

Vintage chandy in the “game room” and more country details from the kitchen.

The details.

These beds are the same beds Emerson’s mom and aunt slept in as kids. She painted them yellow and I ADORE them.

The Nest also featured photos of them (by David A. Land). The living room is perfection!

Her now famous pantry. I will never, ever be this organized or this organic.  If I had a pantry like this it would be stocked with PopChips, ugly soup cans,  Wheat Thins and other mass market products because that’s how I roll, unfortunately.

DYING for this little Mod dress from their spring collection! Looks like the perfect thing to just pop in with a great necklace and flats on a summer day!


  1. How gorgeous is this place!!!!! so fresh, crisp and yes organic!! don’t even get me started on that panty…insane!! I love the painted four-poster beds…I recently painted an antique 4-poster white for my daughter’s room( i hope the purists won’t kill me for this sacrilege) and it looks so fresh!
    Those summer tunics are beyond cute…thankyou for this refreshing post Erin!! do stop by my blog sometime!! xx meenal

  2. how can it be?

    Most likely– (1) The stylist and posse cleaned and primped these shots for hours. so every little thing is perfect. All the ugly necessities of life have been “edited” out of the shots. (2) In ordinary life, they probably have a housekeeper or maid who comes in regularly. They probably also have a Rolodex of other maintenance people on call. All of this perfection doesn’t happen by itself, you either do it or pay someone else to do it. But since image is everything in their business, they’re almost obliged to make the investment, particularly if they are doing business entertaining. And it also pays off when the story advertises their work, as it does here. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, it’s just the way the design-related industries work.

  3. First of all, this is my 1st visit today via the EmersonMade Facebook post about your post and site. I absolutely love your site. Beautiful, clean, classy and great content. I think I will be spending more time here.

    Second, I also wrote a post on them when I came across an article in theNest. I couldn’t help myself after exploring their website. I just had to share it with all my readers too! I want to live in a farmhouse someday and even if their house WAS prepped for the photo shoot, it is still a gorgeously decorated and a tasteful, charming, welcoming, cozy farmhouse. I asked them to adopt me!

    Have a great day!


  4. thank you for scanning these pages! it is really a beautiful house.

    would you mind sharing the tipps of how to organize your pantry? the image is too small to be able to read. thanks

  5. Erin it is just a dream come true!! I adore Emerson Made and what a great couple!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  6. Their life looks styled to perfection, but tell me that’s not the goal! A skillfully created image, for sure, but not necessarily anything more.

  7. Whoa! It’s so perfectly styled. I always wonder how people live that way in real life, but it’s pretty fabulous! And yes, i want everything from the spring collection!

  8. So beautiful I suddenly have the urge to cry…mostly from envy…but how adorable are they??? And the fact that they have their insanely chic and fabulous business of Emersonmade just makes me drool even more…She is pretty much the cutest thing. *EVER*.

  9. You really need to look at the brand “EmersonMade” to appreciate the Big Picture of what this talented couple represents.
    Their lovely home is just the Tip of the Iceberg…
    Their ever-evolving fashion line is both fresh and classic and their whimsical presentation never disappoints.

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