Loft Lust

As I scour the internet for real estate listings for a new home I came across this amazeballs loft that I would love to live in. It’s slightly out of our price rangeĀ  and the we’d have to add a second bedroom at some point AND in a neighborhood I’m still not sure of…but just LOOK at the amazing woodwork!!! And a claw foot tub AND walk in marble shower? And that slate island??? Christ almighty! This really is like porn for me.


  1. Gorgeous!! I hope you can do it.

    Don’t you just love that site? There’s a rental on Summer Street I’m drooling over. Trust me – if I move there, I’ll be giving you a call to help with decorating. :)

  2. Wow! What fun to design that space! That one is going to stay in your (and all your readers)minds for awhile! Perhaps the same developer/ investor/ owner has more of the same in your price range.

  3. Erin…you would LOVE the leather district. Not only is it up & coming, it’s also in a great location. I lived in the Seaport last year & was thrilled to make the move to the Leather District. I definitely think you should peruse the area…plus there is a Flour bakery on Farnsworth St.!

  4. Wowow. Gorgeous. That website is always so dangerous. You start thinking about the way you can save your pennies to make it all work, even though deep down you know it’s not possible.

    Good luck with the housing search, what a stressful situation! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your next place.

  5. My friend and his wife live in a loft on Atlantic Ave in the Leather District… they love it!
    They feel that since the neighborhood is so small that they really have a say in whats going on.

  6. Everything is negotiable. I think you should throw an offer out. What’s the worst that could happen? :)

  7. My husband and I found our loft in Boston using that website as well! (Back when we used to live there). They have some great listings…

    I am IN LOVE with that door!!! It’s an amazing place overall…


  8. I work on South Street! It seems like a great place to live – I always see the neighbors out walking dogs (tons of youngish people with dogs) and everyone seems very friendly. I’m really only there during the work week, but there are some good restaurants, Chinatown is right around the corner, BSC and Bikram Yoga Boston are right there, South Station/the Red line is right there, and it’s a nice, short walk to Downtown Crossing. You would love it!

  9. So fabulous, it really is like porn…but boo to landlords being foreclosed on!!! What the hell??? Good luck with the house hunt, hopefully you find something quick!

  10. I’m in love with that bookcase. And the stairs?! Brilliant.

    I had two great friends who lived in the Leather District for a while.

    Downside: No grocery store nearby.

    Upside: Um. Just look at those photos again.

    Good luck with the search!

  11. A cool spot unless you’re planning to have kids soon. Not kid-friendly, in my opinion.

  12. SOOO cool, but beware of the 4th-floor walk-up! I lived in one for 3 years, and even though this one conveniently has a washer/dryer, the annoyance of hauling groceries–and especially heavier, bulkier items up the stairs–really got to me over time. I was happy to be done with it.

  13. If you think you will ever have kids do NOT get a loft, especially a one bedroom one. While fabulous, that place would be hell with kids, not to mention the walk up with a stroller… yikes. If no kids are in the future, than that place rocks!!!

  14. I don’t know anything about the neighborhood- but I would do anything to get this place if i were you!!!!

  15. I’m dying – that is the most amazing loft I have ever seen. If i didn’t live in NY, I would strongly consider this and not think twice about the 4th floor walk up. DO IT.

  16. WOWZA!! I’m with Nicole on this, Ramen would taste gourmet if you were eating it at that island! I want to see what you do with it after you move in ; )

  17. take the plunge! this place is beyond amazing and screams sixx design.
    and i vote iphone…your fingers will adapt (mine did and so did the hubs and his former crackberry fingers). your blog is my absolute fave!

  18. OK, I just moved to a loft, and I was feeling pretty damn swell until I saw this space. GAWD I love me a barn door. And the beams, shut up!

    Though I must say I prefer my white brick to this natural brick. So yay for that!

  19. just saw the pics of the royal barry wills you posted (thank you) we just bought one last spring and same thing, no one had lived in it for 10 years the owners had built it in 1938 and was owned by the same family. deplorable condition. friends couldn’t believe we would touch it but we love to redo. the transformation has been amazing we had royals son who is now 83 and still runs the firm come down to draw up some plans for an addition. so much fun! so new englandy! thanks.

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