Au Naturel: Tata Harper

I have been seeing Tata Harper’s all natural products mentioned in many fashion magazines lately and as someone who has dreams of being one of those glowy, peaceful girls who only uses natural products and eats all organic I became curious.  Turns out, Tata is exactly that girl- and her adorable home reflects that laid back, vintage feel too! She lives on a acre farm in Vermont where all her products are hand made. It reminds me a little of this book I’m reading from a former Martha Stewart executive who left the rat race to move to remote upstate New York.  I always fantasize about the quiet life somewhere int he country with space to think and be and breathe, but I always wonder if I would get so bored I’d tear my hair out.

The silhouette wall behind the sofa is amazing- note the various vintage frames in different shapes and colors which helps create this totally bohemian feel.

Note the turquoise trimmed windows!

Her farm in Vermont and Tata at work in the garden and lab via a great article in Vanity Fair.

I am particularly enamored with the rose tinted resurfacing mask– that color look good enough to eat (you probably could too, but I do not recommend that.)

Photos via David A. Land Photography and Vanity Fair.


  1. I’m so happy you posted about natural/organic beauty products. I’ve been dying to find some beauty products that are effective yet are 100% natural (no toxins). I will check her out and thanks for sharing. BTW, the author of the book you’re reading Margaret Roach – I believe she has a blog about her house/home…not sure, but I think it is her.

  2. I love this post! I am all about natural and organic beauty products – and ever since I made the switch my face feels and looks cleaner. One day I realized – I am so concerned about putting natural and organic food into my mouth, why do I not care about what I put on my body – as skin is our largest organ and fastest way our body absorbs things into it – you would think I would have started caring sooner. Oh well, I do now – and it may be more expensive, but it is worth it to care for your body. Hope you are doing well!
    Much love,

  3. I adore this. What a beautiful life in its natural simplicity that she is sharing with others! People underestimate the importance of organic/natural in their lives but especially in their skincare…trust me I am speaking from experience as a medical esthetician. People, our skin is our biggest organ and what we put ON it, goes IN it! Thanks for posting about something that can bring more awareness!!! Happy Monday to you…

  4. Natural products may it be food or skincare are the best. I’ve seen such a change in my body since I made the switch to mostly natural products a few years ago.

    But Margaret’s book- I’m downloading it to my Kindle as soon as I get home from work! That book is FOR ME right now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow..what an enviably organic life!! love the bohemian vibe of the house too.. look at the sheer number of books they’ve got!! just amazing..thanks for sharing, erin! xx meenal

  6. Oh my goodness… you KNOW she’s one of those women who can simultaneously style her hair, bake a cake and teach her children a nursery rhyme in French, all whilst being perfectly accessorized. One of those women I’m in awe of… *as I sit in PJs eating Nutella straight from the jar*. Bohemian-organic-glowing-lifestyle starts tomorrow :)

  7. Your book description also fits The Bucolic Plague, which I HIGHLY recommend. Hilarious and sweet.

  8. Gosh she looks so young! I guess it’s the products. This is a girl after my own heart….love the way she embraces living with clutter (in a cool way). Her kid is cute too!

  9. I think I just read a blurb about the Martha Stewart Exec. in Oprah magazine! It wasnt the most recent issue but at any rate – it was super interesting and I could totally relate how she was so burnt and tried every thing short of a tent revival to find herself. cool post! oh PS – love Tata’s ankle-tie wedges!!!!!! Need a pair of whiskey colored wedges for summer!

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