Because Love Doesn’t Wait

I fell in love thrice today.

#1) This morning I test drove this. In minty green with brown and cream leather interior. It is SO tiny and SO fabulous and it WILL BE MINE (cue evil cackle)

#2) Then after a yummy lunch with a glass of Sauv Blanc at fave Bistro du Midi, I fell for this when popping into Hermes next door. A classic.

#3) And just now I went bananas for this magnificent coral Linea Pelle bag at Flock. When I opened it and saw chocolate and cream zebra lining I just about died and went to heaven (and the checkout counter- but then I remembered love #1 and thought I should save my pennies).

I had to share. Because true love doesn’t wait for Monday.


  1. Of course you want that car you plastic Boston housewife. Let me guess, you want to drive around in your mint green car with your leopard sweater and zebra bag? Gag. I hope you have a Yorkie to go with it.

  2. I didn’t even know Fiats even existed since like the 70’s or 80’s. It is so cute and in that color especially. I agree with linabeau…you’ll need a Yorkie!

  3. what a cute little thing that two-toner on wheels is..very european..absolutely fabulous!! have a lovely weekend visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  4. Okay…that car is completely and utterly FAB-U-LOUS!!! The perfect city transportation!!

    I recommend the H bracelet. Received it as a gift from my boyfriend a few years ago. The best investment ever…classic and gorgeous…goes with everything. Mine is red and gold.

    Great weekend post, thanks!

  5. Good decision on the bag…though awesome, the car is mint!! Of course, I think I’d feel like Dino the Dinosaur in it but you will look nothing less than a total Diva driving around in that, for sure!

  6. That car is adorable! I didn’t know they sold Fiats in the US! Just gave me a flashback to the Sweet Valley Books where Jessica & Elizabeth used to drive a Fiat, I don’t know how I remember that tidbit, my recent reading of Sweet Valley Confidential 10 years later must have spiked my memory. Very random, I know!

  7. ooh, is that a Fiat? So cute. Saw one at the Auto show in Feb. Not sure how practical it is… but cute still.
    Hermes Cuff? I die! :)

  8. I cannot figure out what kind of car that is! It’s not a Mini-Cooper or Smart Car, right?
    That aside, I’m in love with that Hermes bracelet too!

  9. Love the bag. Especially like the Dylan Medium Tote. Car is cute but way too small for me. Would hate to be on the highway in that.

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