Colors of St. Barth’s

What I saw yesterday. I am hoping that St. Barths needs more interior designers. Or I can find someone to invest in a boutique hotel I can design and run because I WANT TO GO TO THERE FOREVAH.

When they close up for three hours for lunch (I like that idea), Hermes dropped down these stenciled canvases (which would be KILLER framed on a wall.)


  1. Wow! So pretty. We have friends heading there at the end of April and I am so jealous. I love the bright colors.

  2. Holy cow! I think I just drooled onto my keyboard…i have wanted to go there for sometime and this post is not helping that itch go away!

    Everything looks stunning. I mean, that gorgeous water? Yes please! Enjoy yourself! :)

  3. It’s my favorite place on Earth (at least that I’ve been to so far). Ile de France, Eden Rock, Le Serrano all great. Be sure and have lunch at Le Tamarin — outdoor, delicious food, amazing ambiance.

    Have fun!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  4. Erin, I love all of the architectural details that you captured in your photos! It’s beautiful there (I’ve never been). The colors are gorgeous the way you put them together!

  5. thanks for sharing… i love, love, love it in st.barths… often wondering what my husband and i can do to stay there forever too!! i loved seeing your pictures!

  6. Oh St. Barts how I LOVE you!!! I went there for my honeymoon 5 years ago and fell in love. Your pictures brought back memories of why I need need to go back soon!!!

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