Elephants. And some Rob.

I have a thing for elephants. I really would like one (along with a seal, miniature horse, penguin and apparently an excellent head doctor).  Having read Water for Elephants (and Modoc, which I daresay is better and apparently true-read it) I am planning to go see the movie this weekend. What’s that? Robert Pattinson looking his best? Oh yes, I must have forgotten about that… :)

Can you even stand this cuteness???

I seem to be drawn to things for home and self that have an elephant theme without decking myself and my living room in Disney prints. I also like that in Hindu and Buddhist culture the elephant god Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.  Who doesn’t need a little help removing obstacles from their path?

In celebration of the movie release here are some of my favorite elephant items in fashion and home decor:

Pillows for you and baby:

Jonathan Adler’s elephant salt & pepper shakers and Two’s Company’s ceramic side table (LOVE. NEED.)

A great key ring from Barney’s and a sweet little necklace from Lilpetite on Etsy.

An elephant bracelet and jeweled cocktail ring.

A Duralee ikat featuring an elephant and a wrap bracelet with a little charm!

A sweet bib handmade with some great elephants in print and sleek book ends from Barney’s.

And and this.




  1. Yes! Fabulous post! I love elephants (and Rob). It’s my dream to visit an elephant orphanage in Africa someday. They’re fascinating! My sons nursery is also semi-elephant themed. I love the key ring!

  2. SERIOUSLY. i love elephants too. kind of obsessed. oh and Rob. yeah. obsessed with him too. your post had me at title. love it. :)

  3. Ya know I used to think Rob Patterson was not cute at all and pretty darn gross, after watching Remember Me? My opinion has really changed. So looking forward to watching this movie! (For the record I still think he’s a little grungy but definitely sexy. haha)

  4. I love elephants too..the gentle giants!! Since I’m a hindu..Lord Ganesha has always been a part of my life..the most adored amongst all Hindu Gods..Love the elephant themed goodies you have displayed here..rob included!! have a lovely day, erin..do visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  5. I don’t really have a thing for elephants, and never had a thing for Patterson. Now I want an elephant, and Robert Patterson in a tux, and I want them both to lie still in my living room from now on while I watch them look happy.

  6. I was at the NY premiere of Water for Elephants on Sunday night — in the mob exiting Robert Pattinson had to squeeze by me, and I am here to tell you he isn’t so much good looking as otherworldy beautiful. And tall! Literally took my breath away.

  7. I love the elephant bracelet!!!! and the Ikat is sooo creative! How ever do they do that?! I absolutely must read the book before I see the movie so Ill have to run to Barnes on my lunch and read as fast as I can! I cant wait to hear your review of the movie :)

  8. Have you seen Jaime’s (Furbish) elephant bracelets/earrings? Cuteness.
    I don’t remember anything…
    RPatz-induced amnesia.

    Water for Elephants is not set to release down here in Brazil until AUGUST!!! W to T to the F!!!

  9. Love the anthro elephant pillow! And the elephant table is such a classic. My Nana has one from the 60’s in her living room. It was chic when she got it, and it still looks good now!

  10. Love, love, love elephants, they are truly fantastic creatures. See if you can find the National Geopgraphic special with Baby Rosie, it was amazing.

    I just bought a silver elephant statue the other day for a client (my mom thank goodness so I can visit it!) I too was so not an R Patt fan, but after seeing the previews of this movie, well…hot damn!

  11. What a timely post – I just bought the cutest enamel elephant charm necklace at JCrew outlet yesterday!

  12. I have an elephant obsession myself! I have an elephant candle and ceramic elephant-which speak to my love of travel, as it always seems like a very exotic animal. I can’t wait to see the movie, I finished the book recently, and although didn’t love it, I am interested in seeing the film!

  13. My husband and I get each other elephant-themed gifts pretty regularly. We’ve tried to make it clear that it’s a “just us” thing so we don’t get bombarded with them every holiday, and so far it’s working okay! But I’ll have to send him some of these links for our upcoming anniversary!

  14. Charity! You lucky girl you!

    I would have had to “accidently” fallen across his path or jumped him, either/or!

    Kidding – somewhat! Rob is gorgeous! Never had a thing for actors but this guy is beyond!

    Reese and her clothes look stunning also in this film. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  15. I have to say I love me some elephants too!! They’re so charming!! and that cute baby elephant in the first image is PREEEE-CIOUS!!! ;)

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