Fashion Friday: Ikat Love

I’m headed back to the States today but with me comes my new ikat pants from Calypso (shown here) that were so fabulous to have on this trip.  Ikat is one of those things that STILL has not outworn it’s welcome with my fickle desires for the home and fashion! So bring on the ikat for spring 2011! See you Monday when I’m back to regular posting- thanks for your patience and have a great weekend!

Printed tank top
$20 –

Vintage pants
$225 –

Calypso short
$135 –

Calypso string bikini bathing suit
$85 –

Calypso print bikini
$85 –

Peep toe shoes
$80 –

$30 –

$34 –

$28 –

Cara Accessories hair accessory
$29 –

Forever21 fringed shawl
$8.80 –

Shoshanna “Bali” Ikat Printed Maxi Dress
$430 –

Ikat Vegan santogold MATT & NAT
$195 –


  1. we have some brand new ikat fabrics coming out at schumacher this month! i will try to remember to let you know when they come in!


  2. Love the bikini and the shorts! Heading to Miami with my girls…will have to grab those! Sorry you have to head back, maybe you can help the Islanders out with their style and become a permanent resident!

  3. The Bikini is just beautiful the print is so perfect for summer. The peep shoes are to die for ! they look strong and very feminine do you different colours/designs ?

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