Kate’s Second Dress…

Ok, so most of disagreed with me about being slightly underwhelmed by Kate’s dress. While it totally grew on me as I saw more of it- and I agree it was beautiful and very appropriate, I still expected something different (I’m trying to sketch out what I mean, since in no way did I expect something risky, just a little more modern). But this, my dears, I dig. The fit is insane and it looks youthful and yet elegant at the same time. I kinda wish that sweater was a fur shrug or capelet, but still…Look how TINY her waist is, my goodness! She looks like a Barbie!

And then there’s Camilla. In a freakin’ mumu. Seriously?!

But I gotta be honest, guys…PIPPA MIDDLETON FOR THE WIN! She looked so fabulous at the wedding (I predict that dress -and Kate reception dress- being copied more than Kate’s for more casual US weddings) and then this delicious green number for the evening festivities! While it must be hard to watch your sister marry a prince (come on, you know she’s a smidge jealous) she looked RAVISHING all day! Prince Harry, take note. :)


  1. Y’all are just being way too nice to Camilla. She is married to a prince for God’s sake! I agree with an earlier post that no matter her age, she can do better than that. Good grief, did she plan on eating a lot or something? Certainly someone could have been paid to give her good advice!
    Before I even read your comment about her, Erin, I thought, ” OMG, she’s in a mumu and looks 100 years old!”

  2. Pippa’s beyond beautiful, both Middleton ladies were the epitome of class on Friday!

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