Internets on this island are sometime slow. Like reeeeealllly slow. I think they probably had better WiFi on the island on Lost.

I’ll post later if it’s better and I can actually upload a picture or two, until then I bid you au revoir as I head for the ferry to St. Barth’s.

We’re eating lunch here and I’m kind of excited. I’ll have to design few hundred more homes to be able to STAY there, so for now a little lunch on the terrace suits me fine.


  1. Good luck on the ferry. I have lost my cookies on it twice. It was not pretty as I had to stay in the tiny bathroom most of the ride and other passengers were banging on the door needing to go! Only bad memory of the French West Indies.

  2. Oh, Stylishserendipity is so right, the hydrofoil makes you sick! I think it’s because the seats are too low and you can’t see the water. I was fine if I stood up and breathed fresh air, sitting down not so much. Eden Rock is awesome! I hope that you will have time to explore some of the beaches. They are undeveloped and make you feel like you are in The Blue Lagoon :-) I’m so jealous! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Coming from someone who lives in Minnesota, where snow is literally still stacked on the side of the highway…
    I’m SEETHING with jealousy!!!
    Have an amazing time, put the computer down, and ENJOY yourself!! We can wait a day or two for your fab posts to come back.

  4. hey..what’s your latest project??? how’s the bachelor pad? anything new going on there design wise? I miss those sneak peeks of your fabulous work!

  5. You’re in one of my favorite places in the world! We do an annual dive boat charter and head over to Saba which is this precious little island paradise with amazing reefs. (yes, the crossing is a bear so we do it at night – we sleep right through it) St. Kitts is also a fun place. I think you need to do a story on unique shops in the islands! I usually do some homework beforehand to find artists that live on the island. We found a great one on St. Kitts with a shop where you could purchase original artwork very reasonable. Later I saw an article in Coastal Living about her (Kate Spencer) Enjoy your little paradise!! Call it work if you want to!!

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