AccessoriesApril 28, 2011

My New Motto…(on a chain)

I saw these coin necklaces on EmersonMade the other day and not only loved the aesthetic of them but also fell fast and hard for the lion one. Not only it it my sign (Leo…raaarrrw) but the message is one I desperately need to repeat to myself these days. The fact that it’s in Latin makes it all the more chic (for some reason if this were in English I wouldn’t love it as much….go figure.) I ordered it and got it today and it’s now hanging around my neck as a reminder to be brave.

“Fiducia, Virtus, Amplitudo” (which translates into “Confidence, Courage, Nobility of Soul”)

I love all the messages actually. particularly the bird& sun and dragonfly ones. Check them out HERE.

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