Sponsor Welcome: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Today I’m happy to welcome new EOS sponsor Bright, Bold & Beautiful and it’s author Laura Trevey!  Laura not only writes her colorful blog but also is a talented artist and representative of soon-to-launch  Bamboo Pink Jewelry.

Some of Laura’s delightful imagery from her blog guaranteed to life your mood:

I for one, am loving these previews of the Bamboo Pink line- especially that take on the Buddhist Endless Knot.

I love this abstract colorful watercolor by Laura – I can totally see it making a splash in a little girl’s room!

She also paints custom watercolors of your home, which is such a fabulous gift for someone who adores their home or has just bought a new one!


  1. Wow I feel like such a slacker with just one little jewlery line this girl has a blog, she paints and makes gems oh man what am I doing wrong :)

  2. OMG! Imagine my surprise when I open my favorite daily design blog and find that an artist who I found on Etsy from whom I purchased a custom watercolor is being featured on your blog!! AND the painting she did for me is pictured (the first home one, of a house in the Freemason area of Norfolk, VA). What a small world!!

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