Sponsor Welcome: Harabu House

Greetings from St. Maarten! With a slight sunburn from yesterday (despite my liberal SPF 30 application), I am happy to welcome one of EOS’s new sponsors, Harabu House.  I love their eco-minded and bohemian chic good for the home, table and kids! Check out my personal favorites below and hop over to their site for more!


  1. lovely stuff..how cute are those elephant pouffs!! love the coin purse(?) in beige and black too!! hope you are having a lovely time on your holiday..do visit my blog if you have a moment ( maybe once you are back!).. xx meenal

  2. Love the colors!!! Hope you are having a fabulous time! St. Maarten is one of my favorite vacay spots…You should check out the Scoobi Too boat trips (http://www.scoobidoo.com/) Seriously AMAZING! It is a day trip on this fabulous catamaran to Anguilla, you can do some snorkling, and hop around to some other tiny islands. It was the best part of my whole trip!

  3. Make sure you visit Anguilla! I grew up there and the beaches are like none other…
    Great food, Great people! Enjoy your vaca…

  4. Wonderful Bohemian Chic look going on here! Small, exotic-looking decorations can really add a touch of liveliness to a room. We’re big fans of this style, and we love using its elements to decorate a room. We’ve even written a blog dedicated to capturing the feel of this design. Read it here: http://bit.ly/dXVPV3

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