Fashion Friday: Seeing Red

I currently am OBSESSED with red pants- yet, red pants, where are you? You would think J.Crew would be all over this- yet I go in there and not one ounce of red is to be found (but they do have a very nice Essie nail color called Milky Way- check it).  There is something so staple but sassy about the red pant- it looks great with nude, camel, black and most awesomely LEOPARD! (weeeeeeeeee!)  Dressed up, dressed down, wide, skinny or cropped I am loving them. Just look at these stylish ladies found on Pinterest for inspiration.

I found some interesting pairs on Poyvore I may have to research (and by research I mean order them online and try them on while sipping wine).

UPDATE**** My sister in law is a GENIUS! She called me immediately after reading this post and told me she had ruined an awsome pair of white denim and so she dyed them with Rit dye in Scarlett (two bottles) and now has the PERFECT red jeans (she added some Clementine orange to it to make them a little more corally red than lipstick red). SUCH a brills idea if you can’t find a red pair that fit like your favorites!!!

Seeing Red

Seeing Red by elementsofstyle featuring distressed jeans

J Brand distressed jeans
$176 –

Extra long jeans
$225 –

Miss sixty jeans
$109 –

Flare leg pants
$250 –


  1. I’m loving the colored jeans trend! I’ve had my eye on a pair of yellow jeans but I may have to look into red instead.

  2. Great post!! I am loving the extra wide legs and the skinny ones paired with the white T-shirt and black jacket!!

  3. I am in love with red pants right now too and I just got a pair of the most amazing red pants from Zara – they have the best selection of bright colored clothing for spring. You must check it out.

  4. Oooh. I dunno. The pics look so good. But it feels a little like the luv it jeans i wore in jr. high.

  5. total eye candy. adore. i feel like urban outfitters always has red pants. among other colors…and minimal investment because really, red may not have your heart this time next year.

  6. You are so right on! I have been SEARCHING for the perfect pair of red cropped pants or capris.

  7. I never thought I’d be brave enough for bright red pants (I live in monochromatic colors) but I think I can handle it with the plain white shirt like a lot of these pictures have! It’s just a tad more understated that way! Your sister really is genius – I have some ruined pants that I would love to dye!

  8. I met my husband, back in the day, wearing red Levi’s and cowboy boots. Just sayin’. They make a statement for sure.

  9. How bad is it that I just bought a pair at H&M and I can’t even wear them yet because I’m 8 months preggo!!! LOVe them!!!

  10. FABULOUS- although not sure I could pull them off anymore:( (after 2 kiddos) I had 2 pair back in the day- 1 was a classic chino from JCrew, and the other was a hot and sexy spandex Guess pair that I bought for/wore to a Mariah Carey concert;) that my now hubby took me to as a Valentines gift back in college:)

  11. I almost bought a red trench yesterday and wasn’t totally sure i could pull it off. But you’ve convinced me. It is my fav color after all!

  12. oh my GOODNESS! The red ones with the zipper are the ones id love to get….but where can I find them?!?!?!
    I would have sported them with leopard heels all the way :))))

  13. I have some red pants I bought from Land’s End last year and had them tapered and cropped…perfect with my leopard ballet flats…great post…love the wide leg version!!

  14. I usually Despise colored pants, but am now coveting a pair of red pants. Love, love, love them! They look so classic!

  15. They are so classic. I have two pairs. One from The Gap and one from French Connection. I bought the second pair years ago but held onto them knowing they would come back into style. xx. Good Luck, if I know you, you’ll find a pair.

  16. I got THE PERFECT pair of RED pants at Agnes B in NYC this weekend. lightweight, straight leg, in the most perfect shade of red.

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