Fashion Friday: Summer Weekend for Him & Her.

The weather finally warmed up yesterday and everyone finally got to break out sundresses and sandals and got in the mood for memorial day weekend! Here is an outfit I would ideally be wearing…and for the the fella’s too!

I am obsessed with this Calypso tunic– paired with skinny white jeans and great wedges (with cute flats in the bag for when the feet start hurting). Lots of gold to polish it up too…

On him a great red chambray shirt (with the sleeves rolled, natch) with some cargo shorts and these fantastic COle Haan shoes I wish I could get my husband to wear. I threw in some board shorts for when the sun comes out and into the water he goes (or just for sunbathing).


  1. love the colors of the calypso tunic..and the thongs are fab ‘him’ can sure rock that chambray shirt!! a very happy memorial day weekend to you, erin..xx meenal

  2. in love with that tunic! calypso has the best stuff. i, too, wish i could get my husband to wear those fab preppy cole haans…or boat shoes…or sperrys! sigh.

  3. Love the tunic! I bought one of the Calypso for Target tunics last night. Mine’s not nearly as fun, but it’s way easier on the budget.

    Annnnddd I just saw “Your Husband’s” comment. Hysterical!!

  4. where’s the men’s watch from – love it – great father’s day present…unless it blows the budget :)

  5. Hey Erin, do you have a lipstick/gloss color you would recommend to go with this??I love the coral for Summer but am having a hard time finding a good lipstick or gloss that is subtle and wont be too sticky…

  6. Divine styling. Watch out Rachel Zoe!
    P.S. I just purchased their Cascade tunic for white shorts & Jack Rogers..

  7. Those are GREAT ensembles for him and her! NOthing spices things up for the summer like a little gold and some aviators. Have a great weekend!

  8. Cute but so matchy-matchy – especially the look for the woman. Coral nail polish + coral sandals + coral accents in the tunic and earrings? A different colored sandal or nail polish with gold hoops would help the look not look like it’s trying too hard… I wish my husband would wear the men’s look though!

  9. Love that combo – I adore white jeans of any kind, Liz Hurley always looks so great in them no matter what, and I’m always looking for inspirational ways to wear them. Those tan wedges are the bomb and teamed with all that gold and coral – what a refreshing springtime cocktail of an outfit. Now – shame it’s going into winter here in Sydney – can you still wear white jeans in winter?

  10. LOOOOOVE the color palette here! I’m way into the idea of coral. I’m sketchy about white jeans because I can never really find a great, comfortable fit… That style is perfect, though!

  11. I love that summer is here, along with it’s carefree looks! I’ve found that Chinese Laundry has a great selection of easy wedges and sandals at an awesome price point :)

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