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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good gallery wall.  As a former art gallery manager and curator I have a pretty good eye for how to put them together both composition wise and spatially on the wall but some people just aren’t sure how to even begin this process.  I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve hung gallery walls for! Fot me it’s like a brilliant puzzle- combining sizes, mediums, color and frame styles into one cohesive group.  While I trend towards the “hand me that hammer let’s do this” school of haning, most people painstakingly measure out each frame placement and get frustrated.  Others aren’t sure what pieces make up a good gallery wall and aren’t sure about framing. Enter the brilliant Lost Art Salon in San Francisco, as featured in this month’s Town & Country.  Not only do they have a fabulous selection of art in the $350- $800 price point, they also are masters of curating gallery walls and will do it for you- from picking the pieces to hanging them in your home. Such a great idea for an art gallery, no? Just want some tips, click here for their free downloadable guide to hanging art!

Some of their installations:

I’m off for breakfast with Margaret Russell at Architectural Digest and then the McQueen exhibit at the Met! A fun last day at Blogfest!


  1. every time i see a gallery post i think i NEED to do that in my bedroom. i have some prints and other photos i would LOVE to frame, i just need to get out there and buy some frames already. thanks for the motivation! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve blogged about my problem with gallery walls. I needed this inspiration desperately. You just made my day!

  3. I love seeing gallery wall inspirations! Can’t wait to hear about the Margaret Russell and McQueen exhibit-what a day! I’m hoping to make it to the McQueen exhibit when I’m in NYC next week!

  4. love gallery walls. i saw one lady’s blog where she laid everything out on the floor before hand and even taped up on the wall where everything would go beforehand. it seemed a bit compulsive to me. i am with you on the whole “hand me the hammer” thing.


  5. How can you not love a gallery wall? These are all fabulous. Thanks for sharing because I really want to finally put together a gallery wall in my new office !!


  6. My husband and I have the hardest time hanging art together. I prefer to eye-ball it while he is neurotic about measuring from the ceiling to the floor, wall to wall, etc. To solve this problem I hang art when he’s not home :) I’ve learned to love Spackle too! Great guide by the way, love it! Thank you

  7. I am one of those gallery wall virgins. Since starting to read your blog a year ago, I have wanted to hang my own gallery wall. We moved in August and I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to try it out in our new, larger home. Yet, I have still not taken the “plunge.” I don’t feel like have the spatial awareness and decorator’s gift to do so. So….maybe I will hire someone to help me, or maybe I will use this guide and try it out on my own. Either way, I am now inspired to do my own gallery wall and I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH THIS TIME! thank you very much Erin for inspiration as always!

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