Magic Carpet Ride

I have this shag rug in my bedroom and I have to say it has become the bane of my existence.  While it says it’s woven to reduce shedding, that thing is equivalent to owning 4 golden retrievers during shedding season. Clumps of shag fuzz are under EVERYTHING and on EVERYTHING.  I’ll think I’ve cleaned them all up and then more will sneak out from behind drapes or under the bed all “ha ha Erin, you can’t get rid of us!!!” I am finally ready to concede and chuck it (or perhaps put it in the guest room?)  My vacuum might kick the bucket if I make it suck up any more of that rug (how is there any rug LEFT? It seems to be growing hair!) As I ponder a replacement I am recognizing my new obsession with antique Persian and Turkish rugs. An unfortunate addiction, since a really nice on will set you back the amount equivalent to the price tag on BMW, but not an impossible one. Thanks to eBAY and other such sources, finding some old rugs (ideally worn is places to give a really nice patina) for a reasonable amount isn’t impossible.

This new love of mine is so out of left field- had you asked me two years ago about Persian rugs the words “dated” and “stuffy” would have come out of my mouth.  But styled in a modern space or with some more modern furniture these rugs are SO hip….

LOVE Jenna’s black walled bedroom with the crisp white duvet with a shot of color paired with the antique rug (am copying this look, which is lame, but true).  I also ADORE these rugs in kitchens- unexpected and lovely.

Vintage rugs + lucite = YEEEESSSSSS.  But not all statements have to be bold, the room at right is super subtle but still modern (in a traditional way).

They even work in kid’s rooms! Who knew? (Amanda Peet’s decorator, that’s who…)

After disliking red for a long time, I am red-obsessed. And orange, but that you knew.

BAM. Kitchen porn. Just needs some pendants. Modern ones.

Paired with a white Chesterfield? Be still my heart.

My current home  ( and hopefully permanent -for 5+ years at least- home looks more like this space) and I love the juxtaposition of the industrial and the traditional antique!

Here are some I just found on eBay- click the images for links to the item for sale!

Aaaaaand just for fun some I can’t afford. Yet.

(Click image for link)

Images via Pinterest, DecorPad, Elle Decor, Domino


  1. Amazing. My mom has tonssss of these gorg antique “persian” esque rugs in my house in Kansas City… She is getting ready to do some downsizing and plans to sell some of her larger antique pieces. I don’t think she plans on selling any of the rugs (and if she is I might have to steal them for myself) but I will let you know! My faves are the ones that have some red, sherbert orange, and rust/brown – they look so neutral and pretty on hardwood…

  2. LOVE the look as well- thanks to your inspiration! Now – if only I had a gorgeous kitchen for one of these lovely rugs to go in….

  3. Erin, you gotta go to Istanbul! Not only is it an amazing city to visit, but you can score major deals on gorgeous rugs, and reputable stores will ship your purchase back to the US for you. I still regret not pulling the trigger on a gorgeous $2k rug a few years ago before I had other financial responsibilities (ahem, house + child!). Instead I left Istanbul with a tiny but pretty prayer rug that makes me happy to set foot in my closet every morning.

  4. Erin, I love the direction you are heading in. I adore kazak, heriz, hamedan… especially when they have hints of pink or purple in them. I agree that used is a good way to go. Just be careful about the shape!! Some of them get a little wonky and aren’t proper rectangles any more. I don’t mind fading or wear, but one that has been really stretched drives me nuts.

  5. I am with you on the shag– had one a few years ago that I eventually had to toss, was like living with a sheepdog. Definitely get a Persian if you can find a deal you’re comfortable with. If you tire of it in a few years, just roll it up and store it, because it WILL come in and out of fashion forever.

  6. I have always loved the juxtaposition of Asian rugs with modern decor, especially against hardwood floors. I have 2 Pakistani rugs purchased 20 years ago in Hong Kong that will be with us forever. These are not just carpets but works of art with the weavers signature woven into the edge.

  7. I have always loved these rugs…growing up I had a couple in my house. There is just something about them that elude elegance yet remain fun. Seeing this post reminds me of that and makes me want to try and figure one into my home now!!
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  8. I am right there with you. I have a flokati in my bedroom and the other day I started wondering if it was alive, therefore having the ability to produce more fuzz! I love the new look your going for…as I am moving from the Northeast to Texas this summer I have been thinking of a less furry option as well and you have provided excellent food for thought. Thank you!

  9. please tell me who did that kitchen and how I can get more pics of it!!! amazing!

  10. oh, why did I consign my rugs when I moved from a house to a small condo?? Shame on me…especially love the use in a kitchen..

  11. I had a small shag rug in my bedroom and it was a nightmare. It was cheap so didn’t feel bad tossing it. I then bought a large tufted type rug ( figuring it would be better than a shag) from Crate and Barrel for our living room a few years ago and it too was horrible. Then last year we bought a plain wool blend from Crate and Barrel, no shag or little tufts, and it . is. a. shedding . nightmare. Worse than my cats ;) Never will I buy a rug from C&B again. I’m now afraid to buy another rug although I desperately want one. This might be what I need. I love the rug under the acrylic table. I had these growing up and didn’t appreciate them.

  12. Love it, love it, love it. I’m like you in two ways: I have a shag rug that might as well be the dog we’ve never had, and I also used to think these Persian rugs looked too formal/traditional. My grandmother has a ton of these and I have a whole new appreciation for them. So amazeballs with modern elements! But I must say, I’d be terrified to put an expensive one in my kitchen.

  13. FYI: the Mohr and McPherson store in Cambridge is closing and apparently they are having a great sale on Persian rugs. If your obsession were to turn to an actual purchase, that is…

  14. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love it! I am sooo fond of these rugs. Does anyone know where to find the Indian cube style table that is supporting the Hermes tray?

  15. these photos are beautiful! I really like these Persian carpets! can’t wait to see more photos when you update your space! I also love the colors in the Persian carpet in the first picture!

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