Minty Fresh

I am currently loving light mint/seafoam green.  Always a lovely shade in the summer when you have a little tan, pairing it with coral or navy can make it look super modern.  Just take a look at these inspirational images and make a plan to incorporate it into your wardrobe!

Some fabulous finds in this delightful color:

Silk evening dress
$368 –

J Crew short sleeve top
$98 –

Embroidered cardigan
$79 –

Leather shoes
$88 –

Miss Sixty leather shoes
$189 –

Alexander McQueen leather handbag
$1,165 –

Old Navy beaded ring
$9.50 –

Ippolita earring
$1,795 –

Crumpet cashmere scarve
$325 –

Burberry Prorsum buckle belt
$450 –

Urban Planet
$7 –


  1. Wardrobe indeed! And leave it at that. My master walls are light mint and it’s driving me crazy.

  2. fabulous color and image selection! my new dining room wallpaper features this color and i could not be more excited about bringing it into my home!!

  3. amazingly gorgeous mint color images…all that is missing is mint chocolate chip ice cream…
    mmm….I think that’s on my list of things to do today….plus some shopping…fabulous finds…
    love the mocs…

  4. Ooo lovely. So fresh (no bad “mint” pun intended) Have not seen this take and this color on anyother blog/magazine/what have you. You are truly a tastmaker girl!

  5. beautiful fresh it!! do check out images of my daughter’s room on my blog has duck’s egg blue walls that aquire a minty hue with changing light! have a lovely day! xx meenal

  6. Beautiful post. Love decorating my home with mint. Can you share where the mint zig zag rug is from?

  7. Erin! when I saw this post today I thoght. Is she inside my head??!! Weird… I just spend last 4 days looking for dresses and bags with that minty green (I’m obsessed with) to use in the show I’m recording next week!! Amazing! Have you been following me in Lisbon?! I just boght dorothy perkins sandals that same colour. Great ideas!

  8. So much gorgeous eye candy I can’t stand it. That Alice & Olivia dress is now on my Most Wanted list – love!!

  9. The photograph of the spiral staircase and the train is divine! I’m in the market for a new hand bag, I would love to be able to afford the Alexander Mcqueen hand bag, it’s gorgeous!

  10. Speaking of minty, I discovered this website today: It’s my most recent obsession-particularly the business cards. Y’all should check it out!

  11. Um, Yum to all of it! Finding myself wanting some Pistacio ice cream today…Love the earrings…wish the $1000 + was in my budget. Fun post today, thx.

  12. Hey Erin

    Love your blog and read it everyday……yes even though I’m a guy! ;)

    Keep up the great work!

    Jon Chapman
    Atlanta, GA

  13. Great post! I LOVE this color too! Just painted my nursery this color. I HAVE to have the chevron rug, where can I find it?!

  14. I love this color. We have a navy vanity in our guest bathroom and think this colorway could be great on the walls. Do you have a favorite paint that achieves that pretty mint/seafoam look? Thanks!

  15. oh my goshness! its sooo awesome and i luv the mint green alot anyhow i have two websites :

    http;// and http;//

    plz go on and leave poasts its new and youll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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