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I love music. I also have an incredibly schizophrenic taste in it- one mix on my iPod might contain Coldplay, Dr. Dre, Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift (gah!), Radiohead AND Nine Inch Nails. The dichotomy of my look and my jams must come from my Mom- who LOVES Cee Lo’s “F*ck You” and sings it out loud while wearing Talbots and pruning flowers in her garden. That dichotomy is what makes life (and people) interesting! Music heals, inspires, transforms and says what you can’t put into words.  It also influences style in such a huge way- which is why I am MAD for these prints by Moxie Creative House!

Here’s a playlist from my my iPod I most recently made- less rap music than I normally listen to, a little heavy on the “head in the oven” tunes…

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P.S. I absolutely love (and believe) this card from Richie Design too. Wouldn’t it be great if we heard foreboding tunes before something bad happened?


  1. Erin,

    Our taste is music is very similar!!! My husband thinks I am so strange because my playlists include: Coldplay, Florence + the Machine, Claude Debussy, Ben Folds, Dr. Dre, Rascal Flatts, ReM, Radiohead and Adele. :) I, on the other hand, find my playlists to be extremely sensical and enjoyable ;)

    Have a great day!


  2. Gaaaahhhh! I love it! My playlist has the same type of variety! And whenever I do Music Mondays Im convinced there are times people think, “huh?”
    But you’re so right. Gotta break through the “style genres” :)

  3. I’m pretty sure I have that exact same music on my Ipod. Were you a dancer? You have a lot of what I like to call “dancer music.”

  4. LOVE these drawings. So great.
    The last card is awesome! My son said the same thing out on a boat when he was 6, “if we see a shark, will we hear the music mom? dun dun dun dun…”

  5. I totally agree…music has the power to transform our lives…
    it can heal, inspire, and and put a smile on our face…
    love the prints, too…

  6. love this post… from the life needing it’s danger music to mom singing f*ck you… perfect

  7. You have PHENOMENAL taste in music!!!! Day-Yum! I’m a music supervisor for advertising in Los Angeles (but I’m from Boston!!) and I also create “sonic atmospheres” for retail locations, hotels, restaurants, salons etc in LA…I would LOVE to talk to you about doing elements of style branded playlists for some of your articles, we should talk :) I also do customized personal playlists for people who don’t have time to go find music but love it :) Check out my daily 365 days of music blog :)
    LOVE your site…love.

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