The Best & Worst of the Met Gala

It’s the Super Bowl of fashion and the one ticket I would love to have above all other red carpets.  Last night I was glued to Twitter as pictures were released in real time of people arriving which was so fun. It was a totally gratifying evening of fashion as there was significantly more well dressed than fashion flops.  That might have to do with the man of the evening, the late great Alexander McQueen who was being honored.  It’s fitting seeing as his fashion house designed THE gown of the decade with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress last week- so the name McQueen has been on everyone’s tongues.

The Met Costume Institute Gala is all about drama and statements….and my most favorite look in the event’s history just happens to be McQueen.  When he and SJP showed up in matching tartan plaid I nearly keeled over in delight. The fun, high fashion and pure COOLNESS of their ensemble is exactly what this even is supposed to be (in my head, at least).  GENIUS.

Last night Vogue editor Hamish Bowles (who is the only person who can rock this with his amazing sense of humor) and Marc Jacobs paid homage in plaid.

I DIE for this clutch. DIE DIE DIE.

Genetic freak and all around luckiest girl in the world Gisele Bundchen is my best dressed in her McQueen red gown. Simple, stunning and classic but full of drama with that train. NOW CUT YOUR HAIR TOM BRADY. Sheesh.

Nude and black looked amazing on my other two favorites- Tory Burch (those earrings!) and Diane Kruger (those legs!)

Nude and sparkles was HUGE last night- and Gwyneth and Ashley Greene killed it.  I think I am going to order Tracy Anderson’s videos now.

SJP looks retro chic in McQueen and a chignon and Naomi Watts was ethereal with her loose hair and skinny belt.

Not loving the bling on the front of this Hererra, but the back makes up for it in spades. If your back looks like Renee Zellweger’s, that is.

Thandie Newton’s risque black lace number was one of my personal faves- she is one of the most stunning people on the planet. I would pay good money for those cheekbones.  Speaking of stunning, Bar Rafeli paired amazing turquoise earrings with this blinged out pattern gown and radiated!

Dylan Lauren’s dress reminded me a little of Pippa’s dress the world was chatting about- so lovely. Karen Elson sporting the last McQueen dress she wore on the runway for him- I love the homage and the dress is so elegant.

Hilary Rhoda is so beyond gorgeous and this unique white McQueen suit looks stunning on her- especially with those amazing nude heels and carrying that amazeballs union jack clutch from above!  Isabel Lucas’ Louis Vuitton coral and red gown is SO pretty and my fave color combo- but I could do without the headdress.

Models have no problem looking amazing- Jessica Stam looks sweet yet fierce in her pink creation while dark sequins look equally killer.

I loved Anna Wintour’s cool as heck Chanel! LOVE! And how beautiful does Donna Karan look in her own creation (with date Calvin Klein who needs to lay off the Botox)

Kristen Stewart managed to look less in pain than she usually does in her nearly backless Proenza Schouler- th front is a bit frumpy, but the back amde up for it).  I adore the whimsical bird print on Michelle Williams, who always looks so chic and funky.

Brooklyn Decker, with her new haircut, stunned in hot pink Kors. I would have loved a statement bib necklace or huge earrings with this however. Evan Rachel Wood looks less goth and more glam in purple Gucci.

How pretty goes yellow look on Liv Tyler in Givenchy and Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein? So elegant yet cheerful! I love how fab it looks on both complexions.

More nude on a positively glowing Jennifer Hudson in Vera Wang and a very chic and grown up looking Taylor Swift (who I can;t stand, but she does look gorgeous!!)

Green cutout looks of varying degrees- edgy on Ginnifer Goodwin (love that necklace) and minty and sexy on Kerry Washington.

The O twins polarized me- Ashley in vintage Dior looks shockingly fabulous (the puffy sleeves are a bit much, but for this event I think they are actually awesome). MK however, looks dumpy in this loose fitting Christmas dress. Come on, you can wear ANYTHING and you pick this?

Two very dramatic looks I appreciate yet I’m not sure I like them. J.Lo’s look is great, but those flowery shoulders are just a bit MUCH for me.  While Christina Ricci looks slightly scary in her Zac Posen (but let’s be honest, she can pull off scary), the fit and train on this bad boy is beyond amazing.

OMG- WORST OF THE NIGHT!!! Fergie in this 1985 bride of Frankenstein Marchesa nightmare! I really have disliked almost everything Marchesa has been putting out with all it’s lacy, chiffony Ice Capades meets 80’s prom aesthetic. Love that Georgina Chapman saved their only awesome dress for herself. Josh Duhamel- you can do so much better. Ruuuuuuuuun!

Chanel FAIL- such gorgeous girls, such icky dresses. I really, really do not like the toga draping on Blake’s look.

Applique detail done wrong and wrong. EEEKS! It looks like Beyonce’s dress might burst open at any moment.

OY. Chrstina Hendricks. Can someone please help her find dresses that show off her Monroe-esque bod in a proper way? The fit on this is awful (the colors look good on her though). The fit on the red dress at right on whatsherface is equally awful.

Will someone PLEASE get VEra Wang a cheeseburger or seven (and also the girl in the background)? I’m sure her dress is actually lovely, but I cannot see past her scarily gaunt frame.  While in the other extreme,  Andre Leon Talley looks like Barney. Seriously.

Black done badly.  What a weird cut and fit on Stella McCartney’s own creation. Not pretty at all.   And Lucy Liu shows where you should NOT have feathers on a dress. Around the bust and hips? Really? This was not designed by a woman. No chance.

I was suprised by how natural and garden influenced the gala decor was. I love it and think it would make for a great wedding look!

What would I have worn to the gala you ask? I am obsessed with all things Jason Wu right now-these two would be VERY top of my list:

But I also am obsessed with this Lanvin:

And for sequins I can’t look anywhere but Elie Saab:


  1. Definitely Lanvin! If I had the money, I would wear Lanvin dresses exclusively. I’d also arrange for Alber Elbaz to be my best friend.

  2. Love your rundown of the Met Gala – both the photos and your commentary. The shot of Andre Leon Talley made me LOL….wtf was that thing?? It looked like a graduation gown gone bad. Also: do you happen to know who the lovely gal in white is, next to Thandie? She looks familiar, but I cannot place her.

  3. I’m with you on Christina Ricci, I saw a picture of her from the back and that train is nuts!! I could never pull the front of that dress off though. Agree with everything you said about Taylor Swift, I think this is the first time I actually think she looks pretty. Ginnifer Goodwin is not even in the same ballpark of hideous as Fergie but I still don’t like her dress at all, it’s really unflattering for her figure, she looks like a boy from the neck down (with nicer skin). Thanks for the pics and opinions, you always make me laugh when it comes to the red carpet.

  4. I’m CRACKING up about your Taylor Swift comment. I don’t like her either and it drives my kids NUTS! It even drives my husband nuts that I don’t like a good role model. I have to justify WHY I don’t like the girl all the time. It’s not that I don’t like her as a person, it’s just that all her songs sound the same (long drawn out whiny stories) and I’m sick sick sick of them and am ready for her to go away. But to them it translates to “mom hates Taylor Swift!”

  5. I enjoyed your fashion breakdown-so many people got it so right and the dresses were stunning. It looks like the good far outshadowed the bad at this event!

  6. Erin,
    I know you passed up an HGTV opportunity this past fall, but seriously, you need to sit next to Guiliana Rancic, Joan Rivers and Kelly Osborne on E!’s Fashion Police. Your fashion review posts are spot on and very funny! Seriously!

  7. Erin,
    Again, your posts are right on target! You truly did pick the best (Gisele and my idol, Tory Burch) and the worst (MK Olsen or Christina Hendricks)!!

  8. I think Stella McCartney is an awful designer. That creation she is wearing is hideous. Rhianna’s dress looked like a hooker with one side split open. Beyonce looked awful. Dress was too tight. Lucy Liu must have borrowed some of those feathers from Demi who looked like she had a run in with a flock of birds. Tom Brady should be wearing that dress. He’s prettier than Giselle. Fergie is so cheap and tacky looking. Mary Kate was 7 months too early in that dress.

    Hits: Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Taylor Swift and Christina Ricci. Taylor Swift for her age looks classy and stunning. She dresses better than 90% of them including than Anna Wintour and her daughter. Yawn.

  9. I get that these ladies have been starved, spanxed, spray tanned, and otherwise tortured for these pictures. However, this half-smile, stricken look is terrible. I would kill for some genuine smiles that convey they are thrilled to have the good fortune of genetics, fame, and money to be at the Met Gala.
    Because sweet Elle Fanning got put in a terrible outfit but still sported a sweet smile, hand on hip natural pose and she stole the red carpet. She looks far more respectable than women twice her age who work the red carpet looking like they have to pee, just got served, or are about to have a grand maul seizure.

  10. And you would have looked *Mah-velous* my dear! I’m with you on *ALL* of it…I just absolutely love getting to see all this glamour and fashion getting strutted about…add some great dessert and you have yourself a pretty darn good time! (c:

  11. I totally agree with you on Fergie being one of THE worst! Your Bride of Frankenstein description said it all. I really loved Gwyneth & Gisele’s looks… absolutely GORGEOUS!

  12. Great wrap up!!! So good to see all the dresses in one place. But no picture of her Madgesty! Thought she looked stunning in that grey-blue number (even if she said this morning she felt fat…god help us all to be as perfect as Madonna!).

  13. Erin, I love, love, LOVE the way that you presented this post. The good, the bad, and the horrendously ugly — you write with such great taste and humor. Thanks!

  14. Erin,
    Good post. One small thing: Alexander McQueen is dead. That is not him with SJP as your post states!

  15. Im sriously cracking up too- although silently since Im waiting for my little ones to drift off as I blog on their bedroom floor:) You seriously need your own show…are you this funny in person?!

  16. NOT a good look for Tom Brady. A buzzcut would look so sexy and modern. That slicked over side mop is not working at all. It worked that one year. It’s not working any more. OK I’m done ranting.

  17. Thanks for the recap…love it when you do this. Gives me all I need to know should I be invited to a gala. :) Great picks, I still am in love with the strapless Jason Wu too, happy to see it again ~JR

  18. Erin,
    Always in taste. Love the complete breakdown. You are so good at this. Also for Robin’s comment above it is mc queen in the first photo with sjp – previous met ball – Tribute to McQueen who was the focus of this year’s gala.

  19. Love it!! Your picks were pretty similar to mine… and I actually laughed out loud (in an open-plan office – errr, guess who’s not doing their work?!) at Andre Leon Talley – and he has the nerve to judge on ANTM! But, question, where the eff was Posh (and more to the point David in a tux)?!

  20. As I am somewhat new to your blog, and disagreed vehemently with your assessment of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown (absolutely sublime in every way), I thought we simply could not be simpatico in our fashion points of view. Wrong. You nailed it out of the park in this review. And will somebody please tell Taylor Swift to stand up straight!! The photo in this post doesn’t show the horrific posture she displayed at this event as seen elsewhere. Sheesh, what is wrong with these bright young things….?

  21. Thanks for such a great run down of the evening and event – the best I’ve seen yet on the net!

  22. wow. there were A LOT of beautiful dresses this time!! people really got it right this time. And some really wrong! Andre looked like he was wearing a satin snuggie. horrible. anyway right on the money Erin, although I gotta say I really liked the dress Fergie was wearing if it was for her wedding.

  23. Thank you! I just read this post and it made me laugh out loud! I needed that after my less than stellar work day. Love your blog!

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