InspirationJune 29, 2011

Real Estate Lust: Can I Borrow $18 Mill?

Riding back from New York on the train last night we passed through my old stomping grounds of New London and Mystic, CT and as I looked out at the waterfront I was reminded of how much I love living by the ocean.  It’s just so calming and beautiful. Then this morning I find out that Katharine Hepburn’s amazing waterfront home in Old Saybrook (right near that area I used to live in) is for sale. Perfect! I need a new home, I love the water, Katharine Hepburn!? Done! Now, who wants to loan me $18 million??

Luxury is PRIVACY. And this place has it in spades.

The beams, windows and white scheme are awesome. Decor wise, I’d go bananas.

Can you even imagine waking up to that view???

LOVE the exposed brick.

I can so imagine sipping some wine on this deck!

I think my Dad would sell all his children for this view right here.

And who wouldn’t want this pedigree associated with their home?

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