Eric Cahan’s Sunsets

Hmm, maybe this will work? Anywhoo, I was reading the fab Erin’s Design for Mankind the other day and fell fast and hard for the photography of Eric Cahan. Who doesn’t LOVE the spectacle of a good sunset? I mean, really!?  Isn’t it one of nature’s most amazing shows?  Each image is labeled with it’s location (Southampton, Palm Beach, Brazil, St. Barths, etc.) and the exact time it was captured.  These would be spectacular reminders of a place you love (and I can picture them in a gorgeous beach home).


  1. These are absolutely hands down beautiful! I can’t stop scrolling through all of the different beautiful shades of color. Oh what I would do to be able to have a couple of these in my home!!! =D

  2. I love these – they remind me intensely of Rothko’s color field paintings, which are some of my very favorites … gorgeous. xox

  3. gorgeous. I grew up with flying point beach as my home beach, and these photos show another side of a very special place. Love the way he has cropped the shots to show the intense colors. What an eye he has.! Makes me look at my local beaches (flying pt, 2 mile hollow, bridgehampton) in a whole new light.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just discovered he has a show right now (thru Sept 25th) in Southampton at the Job’s Lane Gallery. Definitely need to go and see them in person. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Wow these are so incredible. I love his website as well. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to buy one of the resin pieces

  6. So gorgeous. One of my fave things is to fly just at sunset. When you’re above the clouds, you can see a sunset that mixes the colors of the second and third photos. It’s so beautiful…truly inspirational!

  7. Simply breathtaking. The colors are remarkable, and I love that no land was captured in the photos. It gives it a unique feel for such a common picture subject.

  8. wow – these are amazing! I thought they were watercolors at first! Beautiful Eric :)

  9. I absolutely ADORE these photographs!! I need the last one in my studio RIGHT NOW!!! Gorgeous composition and color palette!

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