Fashion Friday: Kate Moss’ Style

Kate Moss is getting married today (or tomorrow, not sure) and I for one am DYING to see what she wears since she is one of my biggest fashion idols. She has such personal style, no doubt refined from years of working with the most brilliant minds in fashion.  Always taking a little bit of a risk, Kate dresses with a little edge, a little ladylike flair and always a dash of fun.  Here are some great Kate looks….

Leopard and stripes, a common set of prints for Kate (and me as well, actually)

She can rock shorts and a hat as well as she can a gorgeous party dress

Kind of edgy yet glamorous!

Blazers are one of the items Kate wears the most- a dressed up and dressed down version

Another commonly seen piece- Minnetonka boots. If I tried to wear the outfit at left I would look like a total lunatic. Yet she looks so COOL. Hmmm.

Glittery red carpet dresses in short and long

I am OBSESSED with the long green dress paired with a leather jacket…like, OBSESSED.

Denim in a variety of washes and styles

Back in black for nights on the town

Here are some items to help you create a Kate Moss style closet:

Kate Moss Style

D G lace dress
$559 –

Summer dress
£20 –

Saint James long sleeve t shirt
$95 –

Schott leather motorcycle jacket
$460 –

All Saints slim fit blazer
$196 –

TopShop faux fur coat
$200 –

Current elliott
$270 –

Ribbon Embellished Jacket
$208 –

J Brand short shorts
$150 –

Minnetonka boots
$60 –

Tom ford sunglasses
$395 –

Diane von Furstenberg summer scarve
£125 –


  1. Beautiful but too skinny! Her legs look like they would snap under hardly any pressure. Great style though, I especially like the white with the hat.

  2. She does have great trendy fashiony style but she doesn’t take care of herself so she isn’t someone I admire in that regard. I do love that yellow dress…I clipped from a mag years ago not knowing it had become an iconic dress (an iconic Kate Moss dress) and it’s because it really is such a great dress!–8211-people-really-know-her.html

  3. She has always had great style and flair, but was so much prettier (both in reality and in perception) before she became a coke whore. Poor girl. Now she just looks rode hard and put away wet. Got to give it to her for that green dress, though. Hot!

  4. I love Kate Moss. I liked her even more after the whole coke scandal. People make mistakes. She suffered the consequences, got better and moved on. Her wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite outfits of her is the nude dress.

  5. Never really noticed what great style she has until saw all the pictures together! i am in love with almost every single outfit!

  6. Kate and Sienna (Miller) both do style so well. There is that ‘thrown together’ effortless elegance with such a cool edge. They both definitely know what works and aren’t afraid to add the unexpected twist.
    Gorgeous montage of style – really enjoyed this one.

    x Charlotta

  7. Couldn’t agree with Lia more. Sure, she’s a fashion icon and has great style, but a role model she is not. That yellow dress she’s wearing above is amazing, though – very 50s looking, too. The girl can dress well, can’t deny that. Not crazy about her wedding dress – it’s very 30s but it’s not really my kinda thing.

  8. kate is in the tabloids so often for other things – i forgot what a great sense of style she has. fantastic pics!
    i want those minnetonka boots!

  9. I love most of Kate Moss’ looks, but there is one style issue I can’t forgive her for: LEGGINGS AS PANTS! Just because you have a shirt on and toss a blazer on top doesn’t make your leggings (or tights!) pants. :( But, most of the time, she looks glamorously messy and chic.

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