New Lonny=Genius.

I was SO smitted with the new Lonny when I devoured it last night.  Not to be annoying and regurgitate images and info, I just have to share my favorite images, spaces and products from it! It’s just tooooo good!

Numero uno on my list was the squeal-inducing coverage of Germany’s Heidelberg Suites Hotel.  No surprise, it’s done by the same designer that fashioned my two dream hotels- JK Place and JK Place Capri– but the really interesting part is that this is the first time designer Michele Bonan has OWNED a hotel. I am now dying to go here. DYING.

The hotel’s restaurant is ON A BOAT. ON A FRIGGIN’ BOAT! That looks like this!

Charming much?

A couple images from the hotel’s site of the exterior and roof deck views. Le sigh.

Ok, moving on (even though it’s hard not to just stare at the hotel all day) I love the black and white mixed with natural wood and antique art here:

Ruthie Sommers LA home is too cute for words, full of details we all should study.

Like look at those red wallpapered walls with the trim painted to match and ribbon and nail head trim around the door frame?  Never mind the amazing faux alligator wallcovering in the amazing moody powder room!

I would murder for a little studio like this. Like death row straight up murder.

This might be my favorite image.  The black and white photo mural mixed with the rich leather and vintage Louis trunks is magnificent. I would have added a solid color blanket to the bed- emerald green, most likely.

Another GENIUS application of photo wallpaper! It would feel like waking up on the beach minus the raging hangover that would accompany actually waking up face down in sand dunes (becasue being ragingly drunk would be the only way that would happen).

I am currently obsessed with bedding like this. Jenna Lyons had some similar on her Domino cover and if we end up getting our condo I am going to switch up our bedding (shhh, don’t tell Andrew. He thinks I have a duvet cover addiction that needs a 12 step intervention.)

Love. Pure and simple. Black is the new dark brown.

The dark blue walls with pop of orange and zebra and wood is so very me.

Some great products found through the issue:

RabLab’s rock and gold cheese platters– so much more glam than the popular slate….

Property’s amazing gilded chair

The art of James Nares

The wood and steel combo of the Haute Living side table

Keri Herer’s flower photographs:


  1. What a relief to see that my partner and I aren’t alone in making overuse of the words “raging” and “ragingly”. It’s been a running gag for us for over a year now and has never failed to make me laugh. So thanks for the laugh.

    Loved your whole recap. You picked all the same favorite products as me and pretty much all the same interiors! Loved reading every bit of it.

  2. Such a great issue from Lonny…I am more than a little obsessed with the ribbon/nailhead door trim and am desperately trying to figure out where that will be happening in my house. Because it is happening.

  3. Interiors are gorgeous and makes me want to travel to a posh hotel and stay or if I had the funds, use some of as inspiration to accessories my own home :) Love all the details in each room.

  4. I can’t help but look at the pictures you post over and over again. So much inspiration, especially now that I’m in the search for good design for our living room. Thanks!


  5. Heidelberg is quite charming- my company has an office there. It’s one of the only cities in Germany not bombed in WWII, so it has a lot of older architecture/appeal. It’s a quick train ride from Frankfurt, and not to far via train as well from Munich. They have a famous castle that is worth checking out if you ever make it there!

  6. Agreed. I saw a leopard print tea cup in the mag and thought of you.
    I MUST find out what that blue paint color (behind fireplace is)!

  7. Some really great images here.. like the shell lamps and the elephant leg table from Ruthie Sommers home… love the view from the roof deck..! I am a new follower…

  8. That’s funny about your duvet cover addiction. Mine at the moment is cushions and I’m almost at the point where I have to sneak new cushion covers into our house. Claire from StylishIrish

  9. This one was super good! Each spread was like heaven… just the right amount of boho and pretty-tailored.. And seriously, Proprerty’s chair nearly made my eyes pop out of my head.

  10. love the post- love your blog and your chippy attitude. But the comment regarding death row murder upset me a bit… just a tad too insensitive to the horrible, horrible crime of the unfair and unlawful taking of a life of another. particularly with the casey anthony trial shedding light on the tragedy of superfluous and rampant murder in our society. So, I read your blog because I love it, and it is probably just the lawyer in me that prompts my comment. I don’t mean to offend, just to give feed back…

    best, C

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