Rachel Zoe’s Nursery

Apparently ABC Nightline is doing an interview with Rachel Zoe and takes a tour of her baby Skylar’s closet. See the video HERE. Then check in below to see how I would have reacted had I been there…. it’s not the high road, I warn you.

Looking into the HUGE walk in closet:

Skylar’s shoe collection. He can’t even walk.

The main room (I don’t die for this, except for one part).

Checking out specific goodies…

The grand finale of baby overkill….

I know I sound bitter. That’s because I am. :)

Shall I design a nursery for Rachel? I think I shall….. using her beloved Hermes orange as a jump off (and of COURSE using the blanket, she is RACHEL ZOE afterall!)

Crib, ottoman, rocker, changing table, rug, bedding, light, art, bookcase, side table,blanket

and add to it this Missoni for Bugaboostroller accessories set!


  1. Wow I am a little shocked here. Call me old fashioned but….. hummm I expect a little more “class” from you and just a little disappointed that you would post this. I agree that the baby’s room was a little bland; babies need more color. I appreciate that you have an opinion and I can’t help but think that once you pushed the send button you regretted it if only just a little. Why anyone would make comments about how Zoe probably didn’t even pay for the baby clothes I say SO WHAT? Envy in ugly isn’t it? I guess what I am saying is please don’t cater to the haters! You are better than that. Please keep your regular, lovely and informative blogs coming!

  2. Dang. That nursery is bland, but the amount of stuff her kid has is crazy! I can’t keep up with rotating my kids clothes/shoes as he outgrows them and he has about ten outfits in each size.

    I’m happy for her that she’s got a little boy, since they are so fun. I also don’t want to sound jealous here – but I really think spending time with your kid trumps keeping a mega wardrobe organized.

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