Wanderlust: Loving Indagare

I totally have the travel bug right now, perhaps because a part of me wants to escape my current situation in life (not gonna go into it, but trust me, it’s not fun) or maybe it’s because as I get older I so much more appreciate experiencing other parts of the world and have such a  desire to see all that’s out there beyond my comfortable little area of the USA.  I have not traveled a lot- I went to Italy for two weeks in high school which was one of the most memorable experiences of my young life and my husband and I went to Paris a couple years ago which, of course, made me fall in love.  But other than that my travel has been rather domestic- islands and beaches for the most part (nothing wrong with that, but it’s not exactly broadening my horizons).  So as I plan a long weekend in London this summer (tips more than welcome) I fell for this new-ish travel site Indagare created by the former founder of Town & Country Travel Magazine.  It’s like Trip Advisor for the blessed set- while there are free tips on the site- the real meat of it is a paid membership in which you get access to real deal fancy-pants people in the know who can tell you the best places to stay or even plan out your trip for you day by day after you tell them what kind of vacation or adventure your seeking.  I always want to stay or eat at places that have come recommended by someone I trust (who knows that I am almost as much about the decor as I am about the food in a restaurant).  But the real gem on this site is it’s Souk– a little boutique full of worldy goods curated with a beautiful eye! Check out some of the goodies I’m loving:

Clothing from makers around the world, including a EOS fave Irving and Fine (I WILL own that leopard coat. I WILL!!)

Affordable clutches, natural and slightly more edgy.

I am totally in love with this bracelet- a charming line of elephants under a sparky sky of real diamonds! It’s so sweet! And ten percent of the proceeds go to save orphaned elephants in Africa! Win win!

More bracelets to stack on!

Boston designer (she works in my ‘hood) Seema Krish’s amazing pillows of luscious fabrics made in India…

If you ARE going to the beach these delightful caftans are a perfect cover-up.

If you can’t afford a membership these nifty trip planners/maps are a great deal!


  1. I totally have the travel bug, too – I want to just take off for a couple months and go explore the worl – like my own version of Eat Pray Love. I am sorry that you are having a hard time and wanting to get away from things there – I do hope it gets better soon. And I do hope you get to go travel and experience more of the world – no matter what the reasoning is behind it – it would still be fun and a great time to be refreshed.
    Much love,

  2. For London tips, check out GOOP. GP did a London post a few months ago with hotels and fav hotels

  3. Hi! Love your blog! Totally random, but speaking of travel, do you have any winter ski places that you recommend…in US?!! Thank you!

  4. Hi!

    I was just in London last week for four days and two places I highly recommend you visit are the Mayfair area and the South Kensington area. In the Mayfair area you can find Bond and Bruton Streets that are the best for shopping – Bond is like the Rodeo Drive of London and Bruton has some great stores that are a bit more affordable – there is a DVF boutique and a Matthew Williamson store (which is really amazing inside and worth going into even if you aren’t going to buy anything), and you should definitely stop at the Connaught Hotel for drinks before dinner one night – really beautiful older hotel that has a great bar. In the South Kensington area there is also great shopping (there is a Chanel boutique and a big women’s only Joseph on Brompton Road, and there are many cute shops that are more local and less designer to explore also) and there are really cute cafes and its a great neighborhood to walk around. Also – you might want to check out A Hedonist’s Guide to London http://www.hg2.com/ – they have a great iphone / ipad app that you can download and I used their recommendations for Paris and was really happy with all the places they listed that I went to and am going to use their recommendations for Istanbul when I go next week. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  5. Ummm how about that gorgeous green ikat coat!? LOVE IT! WOW!…btw I’m wearing the same cardigan you have on in your pic today. It’s from J.Crew right? xoxo

  6. I just finished a book called Wanderlust that had me wanting to escape, escape, escape. It’s a memoir of a woman using travel to escape situations in her life, and the experiences she has on the road. Definitely recommend if you’re in that mood! I sooo want to go to London right now. Or just hit pause on my life (and bank account) for 6 months and just float around the world.

  7. I LOVE London and have been twice in the past few years. If you like a martini, go to Duke’s Hotel – they’re famous for them and they have a beautiful patio out back. Have dinner at Momo, a Moroccan restaurant, with amazing decor! Lunch at the Wolesely is also a must for people watching and the beautiful interior.

    Stroll down King’s Road in South Kensington for shopping and swing by the market at the Duke of York Square for any type of street food you can imagine (Indian, pot pies, thai, you name it!)

    And don’t forget to check out the Vivienne Westwood store too!

  8. Hey Erin — Heading back to London soon myself, but you MUST check out Broadway Market in Shoreditch on Saturdays. It’s in East London and a bit off the beaten path, but it’s hipster mecca and home to some of the best vintage scouring I’ve come across in the city (and with some of the best bakeries serving up cake and tea at pop-up tables, too). Don’t know if you’re a huge Alexa Chung fan, but Shoreditch is a favorite neighborhood of hers as well.

  9. Go to TopShop! Totally different than the TopShop in the U.S. Ditto French Connection. I know it’s toursity, but I loved Buckingham Palace. I bought teas at Harrod’s and Fortnum & Mason, and kept the tins to reuse/repurpose. Afternoon tea would surely be memorable! Also, at King’s Cross I was delighted by an actual Platform 9 3/4 in homage to Harry Potter. (This was in 2002.)

    What Londony books will you read on the plane??

  10. DON”T miss the Tate Modern – the building and the collections are amazing – a 2hr minimum

  11. Erin! That site is so great! Thanks so much for the tip. I was just about to send off a post last night — about elephants — and your’s arrives in my email. Low and behold the fabulous elephant cuff and caftans! I put the cuff in my post but of course credited you first then the Souk.

    I haven’t been to London for 10 years. But we had a fabulous time and some great memories. After the theatre and a late dinner one night my husband decides we will “walk and find a cab” rather than call for one as the waiter suggested. We wound up in London’s reddest sketchiest district. Plenty of cabs whizzing by but NONE will stop for us. There’s a gorgeous plain clothes Bobbie in an armored Land Rover chilling near the intersection. I knock on his window (it was November). The first words out of his mouth are “what are you doing here?” We’re lost, trying to find a cab back to the hotel! Obviously. His advice was get a taxi and back to the hotel asap. This is the busiest intersection for all manner of traffic, taxis and so forth. (Oh thank you sir, but that hardly needs pointing out.) My genius husband decides we should split up — he’ll take one side of the street and I and our 14 year old daughter on the other — so we increase our chances of snagging a cab. (Don’t you just love how men think? It is close to midnight, scarry men all over the place some roaming in small groups….clearly there is NOTHING good about this situation for two able bodied adults BUT we have our beautiful little 14 year old girl with us!! I have her grabbed so tight we look like one person with 4 legs…). The bobbie and his Land Rover stay put. Oh good, at least there will be a reliable witness when we get mugged. But less than 5 minutes later he fires up the Rover, my heart sinks and my mind races away with thoughts of our imminent demise which will surely irritate our relatives an ocean away. But wait! he turns the corner, stops and tells us to get in! We are saved! After he learns we are from Boston he’s thrilled to tell us how much he loves Martha’s Vineyard. We have a lovely chat on the drive back to the hotel in his pristine Land Rover which is so chock full of high tech stuff it looks like command central. I am so grateful I ask for the name of his captain so I can write a letter of thanks and appreciation for saving our lives. With a look of horror on his face he says “please don’t do that, I’ll be demoted! We are not allowed to transport citizens not taken into custody.” He drops us at the hotel and wishes us a pleasant evening. I love London.

    Do go and have a wonderful time. But call for a taxi from the restaurant.

  12. As a Londoner, I think the best thing about the city is the number of areas with completely different characters within it. If you stay in the centre (West End/Piccadilly) you only see one side of a wonderful eclectic place.

    Make sure to wander down the beautiful residential streets of Kensington and Chelsea, stopping at a little cafe or patisserie (and you should definitely do some of the Fulham road, which has loads of brilliant independent interiors boutiques.)

    Hampstead in the north is wonderful; the heath is huge (and offers a great view of the city) and the area round it filled with pretty houses and interesting shops.

    Out East, in Shoreditch as someone has already mentioned, are all the hipsters and plenty of cool bars – make sure you spend a night there!

    Finally, west, make sure you go to the famous Portobello Road market in London for a bit of antiques, vintage fashion and plenty more. Then wander through Notting Hill, down Kensington Palace Gardens (which has the most ridiculous houses) into the beautiful west part of Hyde Park.


  13. Erin,

    You might know of this site already, but I always stay in hotels that I find on tablethotels.com. They have trendy boutique hotels or fabulous larger hotels that have jaw dropping architecture and interior design. They also have trendy (but limited) tour guides and sometimes audio walking tours and tunes you can download. I’ve used them for at least 6 years and have never been disappointed. You don’t have to book through them, although they have awesome customer service.

    Sometimes I spend a couple hours on their site just looking through all the destinations and hotels.

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