AccessoriesJuly 7, 2011

Wanderlust: Loving Indagare

I totally have the travel bug right now, perhaps because a part of me wants to escape my current situation in life (not gonna go into it, but trust me, it’s not fun) or maybe it’s because as I get older I so much more appreciate experiencing other parts of the world and have such a  desire to see all that’s out there beyond my comfortable little area of the USA.  I have not traveled a lot- I went to Italy for two weeks in high school which was one of the most memorable experiences of my young life and my husband and I went to Paris a couple years ago which, of course, made me fall in love.  But other than that my travel has been rather domestic- islands and beaches for the most part (nothing wrong with that, but it’s not exactly broadening my horizons).  So as I plan a long weekend in London this summer (tips more than welcome) I fell for this new-ish travel site Indagare created by the former founder of Town & Country Travel Magazine.  It’s like Trip Advisor for the blessed set- while there are free tips on the site- the real meat of it is a paid membership in which you get access to real deal fancy-pants people in the know who can tell you the best places to stay or even plan out your trip for you day by day after you tell them what kind of vacation or adventure your seeking.  I always want to stay or eat at places that have come recommended by someone I trust (who knows that I am almost as much about the decor as I am about the food in a restaurant).  But the real gem on this site is it’s Souk– a little boutique full of worldy goods curated with a beautiful eye! Check out some of the goodies I’m loving:

Clothing from makers around the world, including a EOS fave Irving and Fine (I WILL own that leopard coat. I WILL!!)

Affordable clutches, natural and slightly more edgy.

I am totally in love with this bracelet- a charming line of elephants under a sparky sky of real diamonds! It’s so sweet! And ten percent of the proceeds go to save orphaned elephants in Africa! Win win!

More bracelets to stack on!

Boston designer (she works in my ‘hood) Seema Krish’s amazing pillows of luscious fabrics made in India…

If you ARE going to the beach these delightful caftans are a perfect cover-up.

If you can’t afford a membership these nifty trip planners/maps are a great deal!

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