EOS on Barney’s!

I was so flattered when the people at Barney’s NY contacted me about doing an interview for their new blog The Window! I mean, come on, people who run Barney’s read little ol’ me? I never would have thought it. Check out my feature HERE!

The last question involves what I would be wearing if I was locked in Barney’s for the night.  Here is a little visual of all the things I would have on….

1.vest 2. jeans 3. shades 4.dress 5.gown 6.earrings 7.eyeshadow 8.leather jacket 9.earrings 10.shoes 11. face oil 12.Goyard bag 13. bag 14.ring 15.ring 16. top 17.necklace 18. necklace.


  1. Love your picks!!! Any idea where to find a leather jacket like that on the cheap (or I should say just cheap-er!)?

  2. fyi..Ruelala has Tom Ford sunglasses on sale today..but not the Whitney style..anyhow..good sale and wonderful post, as always

  3. Mom LOVES the eternity band!! I think maybe that face oil would work wonders, too! congratulations on a lovely, charming interview .

  4. How fabulous! If I were locked in Barney’s for the night I’d be rocking that sequin cami too. Actually, better yet, I’d find a way to somehow get everything that would fit me in that store onto my body during the lock in.

  5. Yay, Erin! Way to go! And OF COURSE they read you — you are smart, FUNNY, have fabulous (classic but fun and often unexpected) taste AND… you can WRITE! Congratulations — loved your interview and your wardrobe fantasy! xo, EPL

  6. ERIN! I love, love, LOOOOOVE your incredible blog, but there is no ‘ in Barneys. Sorry, not trying to hate, but I used to work for BNY and we’d sigh every time we’d see the misuse. Again, you MAJORLY rock the casbah! Keep it up, awesome lady! Your work seriously brightens my day!!! :)

  7. Wow – Raccoon FUR?!!! Maybe they can take your dogs and skin them and make fur coats out of them. Disgusting.

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