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I discovered this on my good friend Julie’s blog this week and HAD to share because frankly, it’s so brilliant I wish I had thought of it. And bonus points, these girls are from Boston so high fives all around.  O’verlays are fretwork panels made of paintable, slightly flexible material that are sized to fit IKEA furniture items such as tables and dressers.  Founders Danika and Cheryle got the idea from one of Danika’s interior projects in which she used vintage fretwork panels she found and some plain mirror to totally tranform some plain IKEA wardrobes- check out the “after”:

And so O’verlays were born! And check out what you can do with them! I am so enamored with this concept!!!

Love this ring pattern (and that China Seas wallpaper too…)

Amazeballs for a little girl’s room.

You know if you slap greek key on anything I’ll swoon!


Double ditto.

The ability to paint in any shade makes the options endless! This gold and blue is so pretty!

You can fit them as privacy screens (or tot he back of LACK or EXPEDIT shelving!)

Or to make bland doors look more custom!

Place under glass on a table to add some pattern…

Or create a border under moulding (the greek key would be especially baller in this application)


  1. WHAT THE…? This is absolute genius. Genius! I was just at IKEA for the first time (I know, I know…) a couple of weekends ago and just couldn’t get past how bland a lot of the furnitue looked. This idea has totally changed my mind about making some IKEA purchases…thanks for sharing, Erin (and Julie)!

  2. I knooooo! I was imagining the possibilities the other day with an older Ikea media cabinet we have, and my husband told me he wasn’t feeling it. I told him he could kindly keep his comments to himself.

  3. Wow. This is awesome!!! How much Ikea furniture do I own and how excited am I to upgrade some of it??!?! Pretty darn excited. This is a brillant idea!

  4. Erin you are too generous for sharing all of these great ideas. Kudos to your creative friends as well for coming up with such a concept. Viva la Chinoiserie!

  5. Obsessed. I was at IKEA the last week talking about how I want to ikea-hack everything that’s so boring and plain, but I’m not 100% confident in my DIY skills. This is a genius solution! Great find as usual, Erin!

  6. Erin- B/c of your love of greek key design, you should check out the diamon tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Phillips at her wedding this w/e. It is the Greek “Meander” tiara which figures a greek key design prominently. I think you’ll love it. There’s plenty of coverage on it at the website. – Liz

  7. Thanks so much Erin! You made our day! We love your blog and are so excited to be featured on it.
    I’ve heard tons of fabulousness about you from Julie too!

  8. I love the look of the black and white panels behind the open white shelves! Actually, I love almost everything in this post…


  9. Dear Erin,

    You’re awesome. Your blog makes me happy. But can you come up with something better than “amazeballs”?

    Kind regards,


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