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Running Wild

A new client of mine (check out her blog Chic Child here if you have a little one you like to dress) introduced me to the work of Roberto Dutesco and his stunning photos of Sable Island horses.  We’ve seen these pictures time and time again in wonderful interiors spreads, but I had yet to pin down who the artist was.  While in NYC a couple weeks ago with my client we went into the gallery showing these works (13 Crosby Street..GO) and it was such an emotional experience to see them in person.  Printed in such a large scale these pieces really take your breath away with their natural beauty.  I have always loved horses (in fact, I asked for one for most Christmases of my childhood, only to get a Huffy instead). These horses live on a remote island off Nova Scotia, protected from humans and development.  I looked up how I could go visit and it’s near impossible to do so, which is both frustrating and lovely. Who wouldn;t want to visit an island known for wild horses and shipwrecks?? Read more about the horses and the island here.

I mean, really. Aren’t they just magical???  Some of them at the gallery had these amazing drawings all around the border of the photo int eh style of Peter Beard.  Those were my absolute favorites…. and also set you back about $60,000 (they ARE humungous, but that is quite a pretty penny).

A series shown in a room by Jarlath Mellett.

Images from the gallery itself.

These two rooms are the ones best known for the Dutesco pieces (both shot by Eric Roth, my fave Boston interiors photog)

See the scale??? AMAZING!

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