The Ultimate Accessory

Last night Andrew told me I should open my birthday present…even though it’s not until tomorrow.  This raised some suspicion on my part since he seemed so eager.  Now, having a blog that categorizes nearly every thing I could possibly ever desire should make it pretty easy to shop for me.  Andrew however said he went “off registry” and got a little something that he “though I mentioned wanting at one point”. Hmmmm.  I am a classic Leo and think my birthday should be a national holiday. I also have a history of being disappointed when fireworks cease to go off and there isn’t a pony with a bow on it waiting for me. Let’s face it, I can be a brat.  But this year  I actually wasn’t expecting much. Certainly not a pony. It clearly wouldn’t fit in this box…

Speaking of this box, can we discuss the Christmas paper? Cracked me up, classic hubby. But as others pointed out on Facebook when I posted this pic, 1) at least he wrapped it and 2) at least he remembered to get a gift AND a card (two actually). And the man can make some neat and tidy corners! Who knew he was a wrapping ninja? This new knowledge will come in handy come ACTUAL Christmastime.

So I open the paper and find a recycled Ralph Lauren box from our closet. Hmmmm.  I open it and find this. A sweatshirt. A sweatshirt? I clearly had a very confused and panicked look on my face because Andrew started laughing. I looked at him with eyes that said “YOU GOT ME A SWEATSHIRT FOR MY BIRTHDAY????? I am so telling our therapist about this!”  But wait, there was something tucked in this sweatshirt though….

THANK. THE. LORD.  I literally let out a big laugh because I was so relieved that Andrew hadn’t lost hid damn mind. But did he have to use my custom letterpress to write the note??? Pains me. (See… BRAT)


No, seriously. WHAT?!?!?! Little orange box???

Only sunshine and rainbows can come outta this little thing!

(cue me screeching and clapping and bouncing in my chair)

YAHHHHHTTTZZZEEEE! Best husband ever!!!!!

One who reads my blog!

So yes, it was a magnificent surprise and I sit here looking at this gorgeous bracelet I will have forever on my wrist and am delighted.  But what I am more delighted about is having Andrew.  I don’t tell him nor show him enough that I am so lucky to have him and my partner is this crazy life.  We’ve been through a tough year together, many things I have not and will not share here, in which I was not an easy person to be with, never mind love. Marriage is hard enough with two sane people, never mind with a crazy person.  As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression I can be downright miserable to be around, especially to those I am closest too.  But no matter how down and out I’ve been, he has been there and never waivered. And not just in a “love ya babe” way but in a deeper, wonderfully supportive and truly uplifting way.  I could be a tear stained mess with four day unwashed hair and coffee stained sweats and he will tell me I am the most beautiful thing in the world.  I will be doubting myself and my talents and he will stand up and give me a pep talk that would rival any by Tony Robbins.  He is the one that allowed me to take a risk and start my company and has been my biggest cheerleader and fan on this planet.  And yet I take him for granted daily.  I don’t recognize how wonderful he is to me.  I get lost in my own selfishness and bullshit and don’t take the time to do for him what he does for me as often as I should.  I think a lot of us get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses and work and the stresses of daily life and forget about the qualities that really make for a wonderful partner.  Laughter, trust, friendship, respect and the ability to have fun together. And while this bracelet is lovely, the man who gave it to me is even lovelier. Having a truly wonderful person to hold your hand IS the ultimate accessory.

And that is what I am most grateful for.


  1. Happy Birthday Erin! What a nice post! Such a thoughtful hubby. You are so blessed to be loved unconditionally; I think it’s something we all often lose sight of!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! and I love this post for many reasons!! One, your husband was pretty clever, which was really cute. Second, I’m also a LEO, and I always celebrate my birthday the whole month of August, which my husband still doesn’t understand, so I’m glad you get it! In fact, my birthday isn’t until next week, but I went ahead and did a post on things I love. Just in case he needs to know for the future. :) And third, I now have hope since your husband apparently takes the hint and ends up getting you items you desire. The bracelet is absolutely beautiful!! enjoy!!

    On a serious note, I love that you are so open and honest, and I feel like for that, we can all relate to you even more. I agree that I’m very demanding at times, and my poor husband has to put up with me. I’m a lot to handle, but I’m so glad he’s up for the challenge. You made me realize I need to be thankful and show him more as well! And just want to say your husband is a pretty lucky guy too – you are so funny, talented and BEAUTIFUL! Have a great time celebrating your birthday!

  3. Love this post! Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for my perfect partner!!! Happy Birthday!

  4. Erin Happy Birthday and you do have the best husband in the world!!

    I adore your Hermes bracelet, classic, perfect!


    Art by Karena

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. And for candidly discussing the fact that marriage is hard work. Your post struck me so close to home because my husband and I have been experiencing the same thing, so it really helped to read that we are not the only ones. I actually was so moved by your blog that I blogged about how much I love my husband. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to show him, bc I am not always good at that!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Erin!! I always enjoy reading your blog not only for your beautiful taste in fashion and design but also for the intimate stories you share with your readers. I feel like someday I could meet you in a coffee shop and feel like we are old friends. This post especially spoke to me because I too deal with aniexty and depression and countlessly refer to myself as crazy – which you most definately are not. My lovely boyfried of 5 years has been on the same crazy ride with me and I sometimes forget to thank him since I am not an easy person to love. Thank you for sharing your love and amazing b-day present (your new Hermes is so tres chic). I wish you the best for this year and all to come!


  7. Happy Birthday! Go August bdays! (Mine was the 1st.) Love the cute story of your present from your hubs. Very cute and touching. Squeezing my guy extra tight tonight as I’m sure you are, too. :)

  8. Lovely and heartfelt post today- thank you, Erin. Also as a fellow Leo (my birthday comes one day after yours…) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  9. Oh for God’s Sake Er…I’m bawling!!!! Cutest story and beautiful reminder to appreciate what’s right in front of us; thanks! Happy Birthday!! xo

  10. Oh my gosh – I love it – what a great gift and a great husband! That story brought a tear to my eye!!! so cute and made my weekend

  11. SO true- and you are so eloquent. marriage is tough and it is so much easier with a good partner to be traveling through it with- thank you for sharing such personal thoughts on this blog- and reminding me of the amazing man in my life as well…Happy Birthday Erin!

  12. Happy Birthday Erin – enjoy your fabulous gift! Your post was so touching and personal; thank you for sharing. As someone who struggles everyday with bipolar disorder, I can appreciate how difficult life can be at times. I can also appreciate (in saner moments) how difficult it is for those who love us. Thank you for reminding me just how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband, who loves me unconditionally through the good times and bad. Cherish Andrew and your life together, but most importantly cherish yourself.

  13. Happy Birthday Erin!!! And just remember on those days when you are feeling like shit- I want you to read this amazing post you wrote and remember all you have both in love and talent- you go girl!!! Thanks for sharing such a personal story- it really touches those of us that share your same demons. It is so awesome being creative- but being creative has it’s price sometimes :)

  14. Hi Erin, Just wanted to wish you an incredible birthday. One of the most cherished moment of whatever manic or mind-numbing day I am having is seeing the mind-blowing collection of inspiration, beauty and design savvy that you never fail to deliver. You are Incredible. Never forget it and rock that Hermes treasure girlie!! xx

  15. From one pony wanting Leo to another Happy Erin Day!!!! What??? Afterall we Leos do think that way. ;)
    P.S. I’m usually the let down brat too. Hey its who we are but we do give awesome presetns too!!

  16. happy bday!!! let the haters hate and the Joneses jones. You are the real deal and everyone who reads your blog is better for it.

  17. What a lucky lady to have such a wonderful husband! (He must be very patient too as he had to wait for you to snap pix for your blog post as he eagerly awaited your reactions to the layered gift!). Happy Birthday!

  18. Sweet, and very touching, but an oh so profound post, Erin. You described what makes a deep, lasting and successful marriage. It’s ups, downs, lefts and rights. Some day, oh, lets say on your 25th anniversery, you’ll look back and say to your husband, ” I won’t trade a day of it!”, as I did to my Sally on our 25th. We’ve been together 27 years now, worked together for more and been in business together for for 15 (I think…) and somewhere in there raised a son who now works with autistic children. And yes, there were days when I wondered how we’d get through it all together – but I wouldn’t trade a day of it!

  19. The size of your diamond in the last pic gives his gift buying budget away. LOL so jealous. My bday is tomoorow, on my verbal gift list were an Hermes belt, a Bulgari watch or a Massimo Vitali print. Which means i’ll get: flowers and a card……….oh well he’s a good man, luv him whatevas.

  20. Very cool honest comments….Being human can be very tough and sometimes being human is pure bliss…

  21. Congrats and Happy Birthday! What a great surprise and he sounds like a great guy! I feel the same way and can relate to you in many ways including the anxiety, etc. We just celebrated our first year of marriage last week, which was incredibly tough, and he got me a Cartier watch. While I’ve wanted it for 10+ years, it’s him that I’m most thankful for.

  22. Dear Erin, Happy Birthday! What a guy. May you, your hubs, and the Hermes bracelet celebrate many, many more happy birthdays together. Very brave of you to be so honest about a struggle with A&D. I admire your courage and I LOVE your blog!

  23. This was an absolutely beautiful post. So transparent. So real. I literally gasped as I scrolled down and saw the orange Hermes box! Happy birthday and *high five* to your awesome husband.

  24. Happy Birthday Erin! I have this same bracelet in black and silver! I live in a fairly small city in Saskatchewan, Canada where it seems no one has ever heard of Hermes, which is perfectly fine with me! I honestly hadn’t either until we walked into the shop during a visit to Vegas two years ago and that bracelet came home with me as an anniversary present from my husband. Now I recognize that infamous orange box and H anywhere! I love how this bracelet fits, the weight of it, and how it looks when you push it up on your arm a little. Not to mention the clasp! I’ll stop gushing now. All I know is, if you’re like me, you will be smiling either on the outside or the inside each time you look at it on your wrist!
    p.s. You husband sounds like a great guy. And since I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite a while, I think you are pretty great too! Thanks for sharing the things you do with us.

  25. Erin,

    Happy Birthday! Wow Andrew sounds like a wonderful guy.

    i have been struggling with anxiety and depression for the past two years and finally a month ago I started getting help from someone who prescribed me medication. in 3 weeks i felt like a different person. My boyfriend and i have been together for 5 years, and after 2 weeks of me having my depression under control and things being wonderful. Out of the blue my once wonderful boyfriend gives me the surprise of my life, and tells me he wants to take a break indefinitely. Which to my surprise meant completely no contact, so he can go find himself and make sure i am the one for him. Talk about luck. Cherish everyday you have with Andrew he sounds like a wonderful guy. I would give anything to have just one more moment with my boyfriend.

    I love your blog you are so inspiring!

  26. I have to say this was such a wonderful post to read. I hope you had a very happy birthday, first of all. And I am jealous that such a wonderful man got you such a perfect for you present! But really, what I loved to read the most is how honest you are. You always manage to walk that fine line between sharing too much and too little so well and I really admire you for that, Erin. I also REALLY respect the freshness with which you regard marriage. As a girl who isn’t married, nor even close to being married, I’m always relieved to hear how it actually *is* for people. Because that’s how I think marriage WOULD be and sometimes (most of the time) people like to paint such a rosy-hued picture and it makes me nervous. Nervous that I am a difficult and not ideal mate. Nervous that I am not able to love and be loved in a way that seems to work for everyone else. Nervous that I’m missing some sort of married-gene that everyone else has. Buuuuut all of that is just to say, that your honesty is refreshing and helps put me at ease. Thank you for writing what you do and being who you are; I appreciate it greatly.

  27. I think I just cracked the ceiling I laughed so hard! I too have an August birthday…speaking of anxiety…I cringe on birthday days! It must be the opinionated designer in us…I have sent the “furniture truck” away in tears (he.should.have.known.better!!) and the jewelry back to the store…it’s so bad he makes me open my gifts before christmas/bday etc, just in case I don’t like them and so they won’t ruin “his” day!? huh? Thanks for sharing!

  28. Erin,
    Thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only one. When I sit back and realize what a great man I have, I realize all the other petty nonsense really does NOT matter. So happy you had a wonderful birthday and more importantly, a fabulous life partner. Happy Birthday! xox

  29. I am so behind on reading, which is what I suppose moving, studying for the boards, applying for new jobs, and getting a puppy will do to you. Happy birthday, my dear lovely friend. You deserve all the happiness this world has to offer. Your honesty will serve you well. I mean hey, look at the super sweet husband you landed yourself, never mind the wrist candy! From your mountain-top retreat whenever you need it, celebrate like a wild woman. And who are you fooling? You know you wear coffee stained sweats for a week, min. xo.

  30. What a great husband, and what a GORGEOUS bracelet!!! And with it, you’ll look stunning even in those coffee-stained sweatpants. :)

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  31. I finally had time today to catch up with your blog. I’ve never seen such a wonderful description of my son. He really is that special and was apretty good wrapper when he was a kid. I’m so happy you found each other. And, I’m so jealous of the bracelet – it’s fabulous. As I said in my e-mail your present from us will be late but I hope it will be worth waiting for.
    PS – not a Hermes bracelet.
    Love – Snooze

  32. Lovely..all the bits of this post. I hope you are well and you find strength and happiness. I had a close friend struggle and he could not see the beauty in life. All the best to yu and Happy belated b-day!

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