Life & FamilyAugust 5, 2011

The Ultimate Accessory

Last night Andrew told me I should open my birthday present…even though it’s not until tomorrow.  This raised some suspicion on my part since he seemed so eager.  Now, having a blog that categorizes nearly every thing I could possibly ever desire should make it pretty easy to shop for me.  Andrew however said he went “off registry” and got a little something that he “though I mentioned wanting at one point”. Hmmmm.  I am a classic Leo and think my birthday should be a national holiday. I also have a history of being disappointed when fireworks cease to go off and there isn’t a pony with a bow on it waiting for me. Let’s face it, I can be a brat.  But this year  I actually wasn’t expecting much. Certainly not a pony. It clearly wouldn’t fit in this box…

Speaking of this box, can we discuss the Christmas paper? Cracked me up, classic hubby. But as others pointed out on Facebook when I posted this pic, 1) at least he wrapped it and 2) at least he remembered to get a gift AND a card (two actually). And the man can make some neat and tidy corners! Who knew he was a wrapping ninja? This new knowledge will come in handy come ACTUAL Christmastime.

So I open the paper and find a recycled Ralph Lauren box from our closet. Hmmmm.  I open it and find this. A sweatshirt. A sweatshirt? I clearly had a very confused and panicked look on my face because Andrew started laughing. I looked at him with eyes that said “YOU GOT ME A SWEATSHIRT FOR MY BIRTHDAY????? I am so telling our therapist about this!”  But wait, there was something tucked in this sweatshirt though….

THANK. THE. LORD.  I literally let out a big laugh because I was so relieved that Andrew hadn’t lost hid damn mind. But did he have to use my custom letterpress to write the note??? Pains me. (See… BRAT)


No, seriously. WHAT?!?!?! Little orange box???

Only sunshine and rainbows can come outta this little thing!

(cue me screeching and clapping and bouncing in my chair)

YAHHHHHTTTZZZEEEE! Best husband ever!!!!!

One who reads my blog!

So yes, it was a magnificent surprise and I sit here looking at this gorgeous bracelet I will have forever on my wrist and am delighted.  But what I am more delighted about is having Andrew.  I don’t tell him nor show him enough that I am so lucky to have him and my partner is this crazy life.  We’ve been through a tough year together, many things I have not and will not share here, in which I was not an easy person to be with, never mind love. Marriage is hard enough with two sane people, never mind with a crazy person.  As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression I can be downright miserable to be around, especially to those I am closest too.  But no matter how down and out I’ve been, he has been there and never waivered. And not just in a “love ya babe” way but in a deeper, wonderfully supportive and truly uplifting way.  I could be a tear stained mess with four day unwashed hair and coffee stained sweats and he will tell me I am the most beautiful thing in the world.  I will be doubting myself and my talents and he will stand up and give me a pep talk that would rival any by Tony Robbins.  He is the one that allowed me to take a risk and start my company and has been my biggest cheerleader and fan on this planet.  And yet I take him for granted daily.  I don’t recognize how wonderful he is to me.  I get lost in my own selfishness and bullshit and don’t take the time to do for him what he does for me as often as I should.  I think a lot of us get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses and work and the stresses of daily life and forget about the qualities that really make for a wonderful partner.  Laughter, trust, friendship, respect and the ability to have fun together. And while this bracelet is lovely, the man who gave it to me is even lovelier. Having a truly wonderful person to hold your hand IS the ultimate accessory.

And that is what I am most grateful for.

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