Paper Inspiration

It’s always fun to see something you sell on Etsy turn into something magical by the person who purchased it.  A reader sent me a link to her wedding invitations she had made by Parrott Design Studio using the vintage navy and white butterfly wallpaper I sell on Etsy! How fantastic are these???

You may recall seeing it frame din my office at one point…

And I still think it would look lovely in a powder room (this paper has a very similar vibe).


  1. Hopefully she had better luck with Betsy Dunlap than I did. She was so completely unorganized and difficult to deal with as a bride. My place cards showed up the day before my wedding- talk about unnecessary stress on your wedding day.

  2. I was looking for a similar wallpaper but something lighter and found a pattern called ‘Oiseaux et Fleurs’ at DecoratorsBest.

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