What the Inside of My Brain Looks Like

Tomorrow evening I leave for London!  I hope my wi-fi situation will be wonderful there and I can blog images from my trip live for you!  But today as I try to wrap up some projects and get myself in packing mode, all I can think about is which cute room I’ll be staying in at Blake’s and what adventures Andrew and I will have in a city we’ve both never explored before! And now Paris in January too! I am overklempt!

Anywhoo, this is kind of what my brain is filled with….

Images via Pinterest, The Coveteur, Blakes, Barbour, Harrods


  1. Oh I adore London! and it will be so beautiful in the fall. Have a fantastic time and be sure to visit South Kensington – lots of fun boutiques and cafes! Enjoy!!!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. We’re in the middle of a heat wave – although doubt it will last, and it’s probably only a heatwave if you’re British, but pack some light cardi’s and sandals. It’s murder when it’s hot since London isn’t built for heatwaves.

    Good news is that London is so much more fun when it’s warm- everyone is in a much better frame of mind and its not unusual to see throngs of people spilling out of the wine bars and pubs into the streets.

    So looking forward to seeing London through your lens!


  3. You will love it! I went when I was 15, and I was too young to fully appreciate it. I can’t wait to go back. Safe travels!

  4. Lady! This will change your life for sure. My hubbo is English and we are lucky enough to get over and see family once or twice a year. Completely agree with Carly … bring layers. Enjoy pints, tea time, the tube and the gorgeous, totally breathtaking architecture. You will not be bored for one instant! Safe travels !!

  5. Well it’s true! London has a heatwave! Light cardigans and comfy sandals! have a great time. The bus tour is touristy but very insightful. Make sure you look up when walking the streets to see all the architecture.

    You’ll have a great time in my home city.


  6. So excited for you! I hope you guys have an amazing time! (Which I know you will, cuz you’re cool like that.)

  7. Erin, I can’t tell you how jealous I am. London is my favorite city in the world – even more than Paris. I mean – seriously wish I could move there. I can’t wait to see your pics. Shopping on Sloane Street/The King’s Road is truly amazing. Excited to see what you bring back :) Have a great time!

  8. Have an absolutely wonderful time. My first memories are of living in London – it’s truly a wonderful and exciting city! Enjoy every second – can’t wait to see your photos of what you’ve been up to.

  9. HI Erin,
    Sent you an email as well. Please check out Dennis Severs House @ 18 Folgate Street, London. It’s like no other house tour you have ever been on! Its a total adventure. I wen to the house for the first time as a student at Parson School of Design! The house represents life in the 18th century…It appeals to all your senses! As a design enthusiast, its a must! ENJOY and BLOG lots. London is having glorious weather!!!!

  10. love London.. don’t miss Portebello Road, Marlebone Road and of course Notting Hill.. and the Conran Shop.. have lunch in the restaurant great architectural history! So jealous.. its a designers dream

  11. South Kensington is the best part of the city! I lived there for a semester abroad and had the most amazing time. you must do High Tea at the Orangery behind Kensington Palace. And go to PAUL for a cappuccino and croissant! Other than that, walking around and exploring that city is the most fabulous thing! On a touristy note, if you do a red bus tour on the first or second day of your trip, you will be able to see a lot in a short amount of time and kind of know where things are situated :) Have fun! Cheers!

  12. Absolutelyfreakingawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am dying to go there…like…forever. I had planned and postpone the trip 3 times already, guess with a 1 year old it might take me some time.
    But I’m coming! soon enough ;)

  13. Erin, I just booked a trip to London and Paris for March! I have never been to either, and have been pinning pictures of both places like a fool lately. I cannot wait to see what you find, and see your pictures as well! Have fun, safe travels!


    Burlap & Lace

  14. Erin, do you have any idea who makes those fabulous boots with the zip up the back in the second picture down on the left?

  15. I love london and go there every winter. You will love it too. Go to the chelsea harbour design district and the Desilner’s Guild Store. It’s worth it! Go have dinner at Cecconi’s by the abercrombie store. Enjoy the tryp and keep us posted!

  16. Erin, so glad you’re coming to town!! Yep, there’s a mini heatwave going on, so pack some t-shirts. Also, a restaurant recommendation for you: Bill’s in Covent Garden – http://www.bills-website.co.uk The food and drink are great, and you would DIE for the interior, trust me. Have a fantastic time here, can’t wait to see the pics :)

  17. Oh, Erin I am sooo excited for you! I hope you both live and love in the moment and soak up all of London’s fabulosity! BTW, I can’t wait to see you Parisian LookBook…I’m headed there in November and will need your style genius to get me through:) #threeLOL

  18. I am so jealous of all your upcoming travels! I hope you have an amazing time in London! =)
    PS: love the classic striped top/jeans/trench/wellies combo!


  19. Oh! So jealous. I don’t get back until November. Everyone is absolutely correct, you’ll love it. Even with the heat wave. ;) A few little tips too… Portobello Road on a Friday, great vintage under the overpass at the far end. I’ve found some incredible designer pieces hiding there. There’s also a boot lady in a shop just north of the overpass on the east side, 282 Portobello. Stylists and designers scour her inventory of shoes, bags, and coats. You might also check to see if there’s a vintage fair on while you’re there. They’re fantastic!

    And Borough Market, terrific food outdoors on Fridays and Saturdays. Head to the beer/wine vendor in the middle first and ask for a full bottle of pink bubbles chilled. You can walk around refilling your glasses while you decide which incredible food to indulge in. And don’t forget dessert. Heaven. It’s a perfect start to the day before heading to the Tate Modern. Have a great time!

  20. Wishing you a fabulous trip! London is one of my absolute favorite cities – stylish design, great humor, and the accent…what more do you need? I must warn you, you may not want to come it’s that good. Have a great time!

  21. i love the cup of tea… it is actually part of a russioan tae set… it is very expensive but gorgeous!!! one day my mother will pass it down to me…

  22. you will LOVE london! my best friend lived there for 3 years and i visited her every chance i could. there is something magical about the city. it’s calm, yet exciting. have so much fun and don’t forget your fastener! :)

  23. Lucky you! I agree with the Cecconi’s rec – get the lobster spaghetti (why don’t we have a lobster spaghetti like that in Boston?). We always get it the first night we arrive. Two other must visit restaurants are Ottolenghi (any location, my fave is the one in Islington) for amazing veggies and sweets at lunchtime, and Richard Corrigan’s (eat at the bar) for dinner. Of course you have to visit Liberty to do retail reconnaissance – it’s interesting to see the trends through their filter. If you want to look at serious antique jewlery, make the trip to Berganza. Their stock (especially rings) is more extensive and finer than anywhere else I’ve been. Penhaligons and Floris are two traditional English perfumers whose products are high quality and not widely available in the US – good gifts. The Severs House thing is more a quick-ish evening activity than a normal usual museum visit. It is unique, if you have time. Check what’s on at the National Theatre and the Royal Court – they always have amazing plays before they go to Broadway, win Tonys and get made into movies (The History Boys, War Horse, etc.).

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