Fashion Friday: My Favorite Cold Weather Coats

The weather is finally cooling off and I am thrilled because I have a serious addiction to outerwear!  For some people it’s shoes, but for me a great jacket is hard to resist (I get this from my mother- you should SEE how packed her coat closet is).  Here are some current great picks for fall and winter- useful puffer coats, dressy wool outerwear and casual layering pieces! Although it might seem not as useful to buy a coat is a bold color like red or yellow, TRUST ME, you will love having one and wear it A LOT! Afterall, in the cold northeast, sometimes all people see is your coat and not the cute outfit underneath!

1.Eddie Bauer Paradise Parka 2.Eddie Bauer Slope Side Parka 3.Mackage Wool Coat 4.J.Crew Quilted Coat 5. J.Crew Collarless Coat 6. J. Crew Wool Trench 7. ASOS Leopard Coat 8. Faux Shearling Coat 9. Boden Shearling Vest


  1. Nice choices! Like you, I live in Boston and have a *packed* coat closet! I just bought my first Barbour jacket (lightweight + quilted black, similar to the J. Crew one you showed) which I’m loving. Cashmere/wool trenches, shearling jackets and leather bombers are essentials where we live. :)

  2. I just got the J. Crew Quilted coat a few weeks ago and it makes me happy to see it made your list. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. My weakness is more so blazers than coats. Then again I live in Texas and we don’t really get much use out of heavy coats. Great picks though!

  4. The white one looks so chic! I once owned a very nice white puffy goose down coat that was long (it went almost to my knees!) and was told by my sister that I looked like the abominable snowman in it. >< Won't be trying puffy coats again for a while!

  5. I do love me some coats, jackets ,blazers and vests!! Most of the time, a good one makes the rest of any outfit inconsequential!

  6. Cold weather is right around the corner, hard to believe…but we will need to pull out our warm coats shortly!! I love the variety you provide, there is a jacket for everyone listed above. The different styles, cuts, and prints and terrific and you can’t walk away without having one that works! I love the white jacket, the middle row, and the vest. SO many fabulous pieces! xoxo

  7. I love those two wool J.Crew coats, too. I tried on the Collarless Coat recently, it’s beautiful. I’m on the fence about buying it though, becauseit doesn’t come with thinsulate and I will freeze if I try to wear it during our long northeast winters!

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