Orange + Green

I typically never pair orange and green for fear that the immediate association is to a pumpkin. No one wants their outfit or room to remind someone of a giant gourd. Even during Halloween week!  But then I saw this picture of Reese Witherspoon this morning and I’m LOVING her orange and green combo, which in turn inspired me to look for other spaces and places on Pinterest where it works as a color combo…and I am delighted with the results. Who knew!?


  1. @Carly – That statement is so true! Thank goodness for Pinterest! These images are divine.. I especially love the orange sweater with green necklaces. I may have to try an outfit like that sometime! Just maybe not the week of Halloween… :)

  2. I mean, everything Reese does looks good! Love all of the picks/inspiration that you posted. The green and orange really does work well together!


  3. As a lover of orange, it is inevitable that I pair it with just about everything, but I have to say, I have an “accidental” orange and green living room (the rug that worked in the space is orange, the right scale chair green, no budget for recovering), and I love it the most!

  4. Love these. I think it goes to show that there is really no color combination that is off limits, it’s really all about how you use those colors.

  5. I love the sweet little Boston Terrier atop the Orange sofa, I also think my Boston makes the best accessory.

  6. I wouldn’t have thought of pairing these two hues either, but the combination is perfection!
    Great find :)

  7. I’ve never paired the two colors together either, but Reese makes it look good. The room with the tufted sofa is beautiful! And that nursery is perfect for a baby boy.

  8. Reese always looks so chic and polished. And am I the only one absolutely LUSTING over that Chloe bag? I die!

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