Welcome Home.

I have never had my own front door, and to me there is nothing more “homey” than a front door.  I dream all the time of how I would decorate my own entryway and so I thought I’d pull together some images and selections for a great, personalized front door!

Modern Glamour:

Door Color: F&B Downpipe

European Traditional:

Door Color: F&B Olive


Door Color: F&B Hague Blue


  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the first one. After visiting London last fall, I have visions of crisping up my front door with black paint and manicured plants.

  2. Love your blog, your work and your posts are always fabulous! Any thoughts on the source for those four numbers? I have been looking for something just like that for our front door. Thanks for blogging, I look forward to it daily!

  3. Elise — I just purchased house numbers like that from modernhousenumbers.com ($21 for a 4″ size number). They also sell them at DWR, but are a little more pricey there. I have also seen a much less expensive version at Lowes — the thickness of the numbers were too thin for my taste, but they weren’t bad for the money ($6 a piece I think).

    I would love to know where those pretty white planter boxes are from!

  4. LOVE these! Totally have that Greek key doormat and love it! Might have to get Chippendale planters to finish it off!

  5. It is also a dream of mine to have my own front door and entryway to decorate! I love the modern silver numbers and the bold colored doors.

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. I love all of these! They make me want to purchase my own home so much but that’s still a few years off. A girl can dream until then!


  7. When you were in Paris did you go to BHV? They have an amazing hardware section with killer door knockers. It is not in the basement, but up on a higher floor. Really great stuff.

  8. I love the stenciled No. 1 and No. 12. We live in a high rise so I’ll never have a front door like those :( Our doors look just like our neighbors, and that is what is required. Imagine how fun it would be to get off the elevator into a hallway of multi-colored doors.

  9. just love this post..so many inspirational looks..I always favor the symmetry of urns/topiaries..now I want to add a pop of color to create a “London” look..a big door with centered knob..and fabulous numbering..great post, Erin.

  10. LOVE your blog! I’ve noticed that symmetry plays a huge part in design (including yours). I have an Eichler with a front door that is situated at the far left of a courtyard, hence not centered. How to deal? It is a dutch door, which adds interest.

  11. I live in the West Village in NYC and am constantly finding new doors that I love around here! But I have to say the red door pictured above is my all time favorite.

  12. Love. My apartment complex was made with intentions on being condos so we have our own private entrances and doors and even mailboxes and address addys. However, because it’s an apt we cant do anything with it but personalize with flowers. I have an ugly bush that i wish i could remove but I cant. Some tenants have just grass that they can jazz up. Oh well. But if we WERE given the Okay, trust, painting the door a fab loud color (probably plum) would be the first thing I’d do.

  13. The “No. 12” font is so darling. I totally remember that cover of Blueprint. Sniff…

    The Modern Glamour House Numbers reminded me of my own—even the stacked placement! We have a similar doormat too.


    You can see them at the end of the Front Yard section. My Dad nearly had a fit when he saw them—thought they were confusing. :)

    Love your blog, Erin!

  14. I LOVE the Modern Glamour silver door knocker and have been looking EVERYWHERE for one just like it. Any tips on where to find it?

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