For the Love of Dogs

Ok, I happen to be one of the people who think Ryan Gosling was ROBBED for People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011 title, however, when I saw this picture of Bradley Cooper in his home and read that the huge photograph above him was of his beloved dog who passed away my heart skipped a beat. Not only is that so wonderfully loving, but isn’t a fantastic piece of modern art? One that has such personal meaning but also is so visually striking? It got me thinking about getting my boys photographed and so I went in search of pet photographers….

And of course the one I fell in love with lives in SEATTLE. Bummer, but just look at photographer Erin Vey’s work! She captures dogs in SUCH a magnificent way I could post 6,000 images I love. If you love her work and don;t live in the Seattle area you can actually buy prints of her work (printed up to a scale such as Bradley’s above) on her stock image site The Barkives! You can search by breed or featured aprt (tail, nose, etc.) So adorable.

all images courtesy of Erin Vey


  1. I LOVE THIS! Bradley Cooper and the dog photographs of course! I have so many photos of my dog I think I can find a good one to do this!

  2. I was also going to recommend Meredith Perdue, out of Portland, ME. I’ve been wanting her to photograph my dog, Bode, for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to setting it up. I think her work is great. :)

  3. I did some photos for my brother a few Christmases ago of his beloved dog Haas as he was sitting on my parents dock. I had the photos blown up and framed in a set of 3, and of all the cool things in his bachelor pad, these are his favorite things.

    I would recommend you take your dogs to a great setting… either along the water, or to a park, or even on their beds in your home, and take some photos. You may not get them right the first time, but if you zoom in a little and take the photos from interesting angles, you may surprise yourself… no professional photographer needed! Good luck!

  4. Absolutely loved this post. I’m an animal lover and lucky enough to have two beautiful dogs. Your post has inspired me to capture their images more often and in new scenarios.

  5. My sister is a pet photographer in the Charlotte area and her business is booming because she is AMAZING! Check out her blog at

    And if you want to see pictures of my sweet Boxer then go to her website and search for Rocky! We did an awesome beach photo shoot the day of my beach wedding. Every time I look at those pictures I think of that special day :)

  6. I’m in Seattle and was just thinking that this would be a perfect Christmas gift for my husband (one that I would get to enjoy!!!)


  7. These are beautiful. I miss my Maggie so much—I am glad that we had a photographer capture out little family before she left us. You should definately get yours photographed! xoxo

  8. LOVE this post – I have a big picture of my first bullmastiff before she passed and it is one of my favorite pieces, would love to find a real photog to take some shots of my current one. now you got me investigating the raleigh area…

  9. I LOVE these photos!!! And look at Bradley Cooper being sentimental! I love that dog picture…I wonder how many MB’s my pic needs to be to be able to blow up that big..hmmmm

  10. Fabulous!! We just got a new puppy this weekend.. ( Coltrane ) he’s a Great Pyrenees. Thanks for the inspirational pictures love the awesome idea’s for photographs for the pup and the rest of the pack :)

  11. Wow, this photog is a genius! The Christmas tree shot actually made me tear up! Would LOVE these for my husky! Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

  12. I was going to leave a note to recommend that you check out Meredith Perdue’s portrait portfolio that features lots of pet portraits (, but I see that a few people have already beaten me to it! She does fantastic work and comes to Boston from Portland quite a bit… I know because she just shot my engagement photos a month ago in Beacon Hill. You would love her work, and her!

  13. Amanda Jones out of North Adams, MA is great! She travels all over the country, we caught her when she was down here in DC. She has a way with dogs and though it was pricey it was so much fun to do. I love how the pictures she came out and they always make me smile.

  14. I don’t have a favorite pet photographer, but I remember the day my husbands head almost blew off when I hung an 11×11 of our lab puppy in the middle of our gallery wall. I still have my dog, but the husband is now the ex;)

  15. I love this post! I went to a restaurant last night and the walls were plastered with home photos of people’s dogs. It was adorable! And yes Ryan was totally robbed! I mean, hello, have they SEEN Crazy, Stupid, Love?!?!

  16. OMG! These photo’s are SOOO precious! I had a Brittany Spaniel as a kid, and now have a chocolate lab puppy…. who lives for treats… treats and snoozin! And, I have to agree with you about Ryan!

  17. these are GREAT! I’m from Seattle so this is so fun for me to see on your blog. I had not heard of Erin and now I’ll have to spread the word about her awesome work. Unfortunately I am not quite at the level to afford $500 photo sesh with my mutt Bailey, but I will definitely spread the word and also keep my eyes open for her work.

  18. ERIN I’m in love. What beautiful photography. I’d love Milo to be photographed like this (I’m biased and think he’s very handsome – he’s been in 2 dachshund calendars). ahhhh if she comes to England ;)

  19. Amanda Jones ( the best! She has taken photos of my dogs twice and does my holiday cards every year. Worth every penny!!!

  20. Erin,
    Check out anna kuperberg a san fran photographer that loves dogs and has a great eye. One of the best in my opinion and I am quite picky! She also has slobber space just for pets.

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