Design Crush: Charles Spada

The other day I was looking through a local design magazine when I was stopped dead in my glossy page flipping tracks when I saw this star lantern made of rock crystal from local designer/ antiques dealer Charles Spada. I mean, have you ever seen anything so spectacular? I would kill to use this in a home someday!

Here are some other amazing finds from his 1st Dibs store (the brick and mortar version in inside the Boston Design Center)

His interiors have such an amazing feeling to them- clean and serene but so chock full of history.  I especially love his restrained but dramatic ability to accessorize!


  1. Rock crystal is sublime and gets the job done.
    I have 4 spiky, jagged, quite hefty and oversized, rock crystal votive candles holders.
    The votive candle all but disappears in them until it’s lit.

    These beauties hold court wherever they happen to be placed – for now, they’re on the hand hewn timber fireplace mantle.

  2. Wow I love his stuff. So simple yet elegant. I love the green bookshelves. The bedroom with the shuttered windows. Everything looks traditional but with a modern sensibility. What a great designer.

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