Holidays & EntertainingNovember 23, 2011

Setting the Table

As I think about setting tables for the holidays I think about the fine china I registered for for my wedding.  Of course, as with most big decisions I erred on the side of SAFE and CLASSIC.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I remember looking at other china patterns that were so beautiful but scared me with their bold color and pattern.  Yes, I can always pair my Vera Wang Grosgrain with colored chargers or pattered dessert plates, but something in me wishes that for fine china that I use only a couple times a year I had gone BOLDER!

The china that I was lusting after, and still am to this day, is the Etoile pattern below left by Bernardaud . Gold tipped and a gorgeous mix of plum and light turquoise it enchanted me from first sighting.  But I was too scared to go there. I also loved this mint green and gold design by Haviland. I would advise brides that if they ARE registering for fine china to make it some thing special and funky and keep the classic and safe patterns for everyday dinnerware! Perhaps someday that Etoile will be mine!

Also currently adoring the bold orange and gold setting as well as this chain link Hermes pattern!

I also fell  head over heels for the pewter banded Match goods and the over-scale Royal Copenhagen style for a less formal look.

What about you? What china did you register for? Do you still love it or wish you had chosen something different?

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