Sponsor Welcome: Tea Collection

A happy welcome to one of EOS’s newest sponsors Tea Collection– home of ADORABLE kids clothes for all ages!  While I don;t have a little one yet, I know that when I do it’s gonna be game over for my bank account due to shops like this.

These matching dresses are adorable for the holidays!!!

Boho chic outfits like this would turn many adult heads!

Lets not forget the boys! No need to always be in clothes with trucks and tools on them- look at these little mini cool dudes!

I love that you can buy whole wardrobe sets! So great for gifting too!

A couple things I’m totally obsessed with:


  1. Uh oh, my first niece arrives in January, game over! Love those holiday dresses. (another good source for kids, and grown up, clothes: Boden USA.)

  2. LOVE all the goodies in the TEA collection. Last year we cleaned up on an after Christmas sale and she has 7 dresses for this coming winter, they may be last season but our daughter still looks pretty adorable in them :-) Boden Kids is also amazing for kids…little girl clothes are all I want to buy these days!

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